[EVENT] Getting Diamond!

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Do you think Diamond Supporter is worth it?

Poll closed Apr 19, 2013.
Yes, Defintly!! 38 vote(s) 65.5%
Sort of.... 14 vote(s) 24.1%
No, Not at all! 6 vote(s) 10.3%
  1. Hi guys, I'm planning to get diamond supporter! (Maybe) But i only want to if i get enough votes from the poll. Because hey, why pay 10 extra dollars if no one diamond thinks its worth it? Anyways, If you are a diamond (Or was) member, please vote on the poll above. When i get the results, I shall see if i truly want to get diamond. Please, non-diamond supporters, don't vote in the poll. It confuses the results. So, as always, i hope that i get good results. If you are not diamond or was diamond, and you have any diamond friends, could you ask them to vote on this? Thanks,

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  2. Of course Diamond Supporter is worth it :)
    For all the same reasons as Gold Supporter, and then some more.
    Yes, you get the extra res's and TNT and stuff, but the main reason is the most important;
    Extra money going towards the servers :)
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  3. Yes if you are diamond supporter you can buy and use TNT from my shop :p
  4. i think you should, only cause i like seeing people the same color as me.
    also i feel like we are helping aikar build a fortress under his tenthouse
  5. Putting in my three cents, if you don't want the reses at all, go for four months of iron supporter. It is the best deal for rupees.
    Let me explain.
    With one month of diamond supporter, you get 1,300 rupees per day, for $20 a month.
    With one month of gold supporter, you get 800 rupees a day (Might be 700- I forget) for $10 a month.
    With one month of iron supporter, you get 400 rupees a day for $5 a month.
    Therefore, if you have four months of iron supporter, you would get essentially 1,600 rupees a day for the same price as diamond. It would be spread out over the course of four months, so that is something you should take into consideration if you choose it.
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  7. This is more of a poll than an event. I've never been a supporter so I can't vote.
  8. I think gold supporter is the best option, unless you are really into the game, you need 4 res's and 1,300 rupees a day. Im fine with my gold 700 rupees a day and 2 res's and perks, (i kinda wish i could fly though) butwhatever floats your boat is fine with me
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  9. I'm sorry, but I don't think paying $20 a month for a minecraft server is okay...
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  10. Considering the amount of effort the staff team put into EMC, I think it is. :)
  11. ... Wrong... Forum... *gasp*
  12. I voted yes because there's a *secret* club just for diamond members.... :D

    Shhh you heard nothing.....
  13. Why not ok? I would understand that if it was obligatory to pay to play, but it's only to support the servers and only if you want to.

    People seem to forget that a lot, there are servers that don't have half of the perks for supporters than EMC and people still donate because they enjoy playing there and want them to keep running.

    It is not about the stuff you get for it, but about giving you support.
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  14. Diamond is the best on emc and you get perks and the server get upgrades and such. Thought at one time i was diamond but sadly i had to downgrade thought if i had the money i would be straight back on diamond rank. XD
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  15. For a full year as a diamond supporter, it would cost $240. That is a bit ridiculous considering it's a minecraft server.
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  16. For the year for me it would come to 170 British pounds that not to bad XD
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  17. No one is forcing you to pay. :)
  18. >implying 240 is alot of money lol
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  19. It was spectacular I down graded to gold cause I was saving up for something u get to keep ur reses my tip is to not spend any money and to only have diamond for 1-3 months with out touching it this way you will have around 110- 120 THOUSAND rupees this is what I did and I spent it all in my 1 shop that ended being a griefing party :)
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