[EVENT] FREE Silk Touch Giveaway, Competitions, Prizes, and Games!

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  1. Hey EMCer's!

    I'd again like to thank everyone that attended the grand opening event for our shop on lot (14010) on SMP7! It was such a success that Beaverbeliever and I have decided to host another event for you wonderful people! We would like to promote our new lot at 14101 (check the numbers twice!) while hosting some fun events including a free giveaway of a Silk Touch I, Efficiency IV diamond pick (keep reading for more info). The lot is currently closed for maintenance, but it will be open starting this Friday at 5PM PST! We will begin by meeting at 14010 for a small party ;) and teleport to the new lot at the designated time.

    Who can come? Anyone and everyone from any EMC server!
    Event time: This Friday, June 8th 5PM PST (U.S. Pacific) Time zone converter: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc
    Event location: SMP7, start at 14010 for our shop and teleport to 14101 for the event!

    There are many things scheduled, so even if you can't make it to the start of the event, you may be able to catch something in the middle! For your convenience, we will list the events in the order they will take place.

    Treasure Hunt
    Who doesn't enjoy some good 'ol fashioned treasure seeking? We'll kick off the event with an underground treasure hunt. There will be multiple prizes including various ores and other rare items. This event is COMPLETELY FREE! The catch? You only have 15 minutes to race against other treasure hunters for loot before we end the treasure hunt and move onto the next event.

    This is a giveaway for a brand new, unused Silk Touch I, Efficiency IV Diamond Pick! 20 people can enter this drawing. Simply post here with what number you want. Do not post a number that has already been chosen or you will not be entered for the drawing! We will have a random online generator select the winner. The winner will be announced after the treasure hunt. You must show up to the event at 5:00PM Pacific on Friday June 8th SMP7 on lot (14101) to receive your reward. If you do not show up to the event, another name will be drawn for the pickaxe, so make sure you are there and on time!
    1. diamond_viper111
    2. Herbrin3
    3. TheTruffleHunter
    4. foodenator
    5. TerryDaTerrorist
    6. serialkicker
    7. louiskw
    8. Pab10S
    9. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    10. gobstone308
    11. joshmcf
    12. cddm95ace
    13. BobTheTomato9798
    14. DewTheMo
    15. scratchminus
    16. Biscuitboy5396
    17. roblikescake
    18. PRO_G4NGST4
    19. dwight5273
    20. Faithcaster
    Test your ranged skills with a bow and arrow! Completely wired by Beaverbeliever himself, this redstone contraption is tons of fun for archery lovers. Buy 5 arrows at the ticket booth and win a prize if you successfully shoot the target within 5 shots. Anyone who is able to hit the target on the first try will win a diamond!

    We now have a fun fishing pond and dock where you can spend some time reeling in some fish while in the safety of town! Surrounded by trees, you can fish in privacy while gazing upon a majestic waterfall! You may visit at anytime and fish at no cost. Either fish for yourself, or get money by fishing and selling your catches to us! There is also a competition involved that will be announced at the event. :)

    If you came to our grand opening event for our shop, you already have a heads-up on this jungle-themed jumping contest. There can only be one winner of a shiny prize for those who compete. Spectators, on the other hand, can bet on a competitor for any amount between 100r-5000r. If your competitor wins, you win double your earnings. If not, your bet goes into my pocket, which is a nice place too, I promise. :p

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  2. ^ooo the bad omens
  3. I'll take number 17. :)
  4. 10 please
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  5. Odd numbers FTW!
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  6. 8 please.
  7. I would like number 11
  8. Bob already claimed 13
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  9. Number 14 please.
  10. 2. Or any number at all; whichever is free.
  11. 9
    Curse you number 7 and 11, i thought we wuz more then friends.....
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