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  1. Grab and Enchant your Fishing rods cause you could get lucky and win 250r just by catching a lot of fish.
    event held in smp1 in the /frontier south main outpost on the ocean shore line.
    when/time: idk,but i will announce the time before the event starts.Event will be held on Saturday,October the 3rd.Any further information is in the link below:)

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  2. Auto-Fish litemod permitted? ;)
  3. idk what that is?:(i geuss it can be permitted if its a mod thats aloud on the EMC server i lookd it up itsts not cheating either but just to be safe talk/ask a staff about it.
  4. I was only joking about it because Minecraft fishing is rather absurd and extremely tedious work. I use it while in my SSP to defeat the hunger bar. The great part of 1.8.x is that fishing yields enchanted rods as part of the "garbage" you can catch. Which is great when combined with Inventory Tweaks to sort your rods to the hot-bar and using the setting to not break rods in Auto-Fish makes it a manner of just dumping your stash in a chest and casting the rod again then doing other stuff. :)

    I don't actually play Minecraft much anymore. I just let it sit to get my fish and saddles from the water in my AFK house in my SSP game. I am trying out Tekkit Legends on the Tekkit Launcher for now, until I finish this semester and then I leave for Honduras for 3 months. When I get back I am going to really immerse myself in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the two paid DLCs I bought the DLC Pass thing for it. I loved Witcher 1 but Witcher 2 was atrocious just like Dragon Age 2 :(

    Sorry for hijacking your thread. I hope your event gets a few extra views and that someone can show up for it. I might jump online to play a bit on the 3rd just because EMC still holds a special place in my heart.
    I can't wait for Dragon Tombs, which is why I come check out EMC forums everyday. Most times incognito. ;)
  5. I'll most likely be joining the event, this could be fun! I won't be participating for any prices though, simply because I'll be doing a little "cheating" (not really) by bringing my voters fishing rod along (never breaks, never wears out and has good enchantments on it). But if time permits then I'll definitely going to join in on the fun!
  6. its not cheating if you have a good rod;)
  7. and the auto-fish litemod is not allowed