[EVENT] Final game of spleef @11313!

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  1. 11313 is a spleef arena. I am going to renovate it into a football stadium! More details about this will be posted at a later stage. Anyway i was about to remove the snow when it though "You know what, Lets have 1 final round" So lets have the final round. Also You can keep the snow you get. Event will be a 1PM EDT time! Enjoy :D
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  2. I can't come to the spleef game, but I'm interested in the football stadium!
  3. I apologise my absence due to the fact my sister broke her finger so we went to A&E. This will happen tommorow same time
  4. How would you play football in minecraft?
  5. *Taps nose*You will see
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  6. Come to 11313 now to get free snow
    Quick! Its going: