[Event] Faithcaster's 900th day

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What do we do if potatos take over the world?

Eat potatos 10 vote(s) 22.7%
Eat potato chips 15 vote(s) 34.1%
We force dwight to shave his beard, so we can throw it at attacking potatos. 35 vote(s) 79.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey everyone!

    I am here to announce the planning of my 900th day celebration. As I didn't do ANYTHING at my 600th, 700th or 800th I promise to make my 900th a crazy one :p

    This party will take place on my 897th day on EMC; even though we're celebrating the 900th day :p
    The reason of that is because partying is so much funnier during Saturdays than it is on a Tuesday. Just to clarify, the party happens at Saturday 11th October 2014.

    The party will be taking place on SMP1. It will be on multiple residence, so that I will just announce as we party :)
    Please bring an empty inventory, and please be ready to have that filled.

    We will be meeting up at between 5:30PM and 5:55PM and the actual madness goes crazy at 6:00PM Empire Minecraft time 10-11-2014 (month, day, year)

    There will most likely be a little pre-party at around 5:30PM EMC Time, but nothing too crazy.

    What you can expect:
    -Pumpkin Hunt!

    -Denmark Quiz - With Prizes!
    -Custom designed EMC adventure map - with a large grand prize to the winner.
    Drop Party between all events.

    What I expect from you:
    -Have Fun!
    -Be Nice!
    -Don't Complain!

    Total Prize List:
    15 Faithcaster Heads
    600,000 rupees
    Over 20 different promotional/rare EMC Custom Items
    Over 100,000r worth of stuff e.g. diamonds, golden blocks and much more funny stuff
    Signed Books by Faithcaster

    In short terms:
    When: 6:00PM EMC Time - 11th of October

    What should I bring: An empty inventory, and your always being happy mood.

    What can I expect: A funny and long lasting event, with tons of prizes.

    Where: We meet up at /v 1212.
    OBS: A Random Poster Gets 10,000R
  3. WOW FINALLY! ;p
  4. Random post by a random poster :)
  5. pearl-jam-Frank-Kozik-oakland-Poster-2013-front-EDIT.jpg
    Random poster here!
  6. I think you mean 897th, and 10-11-2014.

    Anyway, this sounds amazing; I can't wait! :D
  7. Thank you to Olaf_C for donating 100,000 rupees - Added to the total prize pool.
  8. Fixed.

    Thank you :)
  9. Im so coming.
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  10. Yus thanks for making it a time i can make it too!!!!
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  11. yesssss.......
  12. I like potatoes.
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  13. I fallinged for pototos.
    Also beards.
  14. Hey, I have your head, for some reason (I didn't buy it). I just thought I'd say that before they suddenly become much less valuable...
  15. Well I'm having a 4 day weekend, it keeps getting better o3o
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  16. Thank you for hosting;)! I will be sure to attend:D!
  17. Wow, thanks so much for hosting this! :D Here's a pre-congrats on your 900th. I think I can make it! :) Thanks again! :D
  18. I'll try my best to be there.