[EVENT] Empire Games. RUN PIGGY RUN!!!

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  1. pigracing1.png

    Congratulations to all our finalists who competed today,

    We especially congratulate our winners of the racing;


    Next week we have the Swimming Competition so grab your shorts and join us at
    /v EMCGames on the 3rd of May.

    Qualifiers: Saturday April 26, 2014
    Starting at 1:00 pm cst
    Finals: Sunday April 27, 2014
    2 - 4 pm cst

    The arena is open for practice from Friday until 30 minutes before the qualifiers.
    There are pigs provided for practicing. Please place them back in the pen so that they do not litter the track.

    You will race around the track a total of 3 consecutive times to get your score. The fastest 2 participants from each server will go on to the finals on Sunday.

    You should probably use a carrot on a stick for the best results =)

    If you have any questions, please pm krysyyjane9191 AND B4DMAN5IMON.
    For all things related to the Empire Games event, please see the links below...
    Info Post:
    Application for Competitors:
    Current Entry List (manually updated):
    Calendar of Events:
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  2. Your not a pig! or are you...
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  3. This will be fun
  4. sounds fun
  5. The duck! <3
  6. Sounds great! Good luck to all who attend. I won't be able to come myself, but I might see some of the finals. So good luck! :D
  7. Are the carrots and sticks provided for practice
    And can you use your own pigs :3
  8. There is no way to do that without people taking advantage so you will need ot bring your own carrot on a stick.
    And yes, you can use your own pigs if you choose.
  9. There is a suggestion, you could make access chests like 2 carrot sticks for each competitor signed up for piggeh racing.
  10. Its gonna be epic!
  11. Had a better idea. Bring a carrot on a stick. It should no longer be damaged.
  12. Yay we don't have to burn 25 carrots and sticks for practice now :D thanks krysyy
  13. Who will be the first oink past the finish line or that wins by an Oink :p

    "Remember Luke the force oink is with you"
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  14. I went on the track, it's actually not that hard.
    No potions right?
  15. My Alt Made it XD (MrMacGamer) :D!
  16. I approve of this.
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