[EVENT] Empire Games' Mob Arena!

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  1. Welcome to The Manic Mob Arena
    With your host: Sazukemono
    8:00 pm EMC time

    Tonight's Mob Arena starts at 8:00 pm EMC time this evening and will consist of four rounds of mob-killing mayhem! You won't want to miss it! There's a round-style for everyone's tastes and a Leaderboard for each, so come on over and run wild with me!

    To Join: /v mobarena on Games

    Round 1: No Items round
    Round 2: Keep Items round
    Round 3: Items round
    Round 4: No Items round

    An explanation of each round type:
    Keep Items rounds:
    This is a round in which you don't lose your gear and it doesn't take damage. Consumables are still consumed, but your durability bars won't go down.

    All armor, weapons and buffs are allowed. Item damage is turned off and you get to keep everything you bring in with you in these rounds ^_~* The encounters will be more challenging in these rounds, so bring your good stuff!

    Items rounds:
    All armor, weapons and buffs are allowed. However, anything you bring with you will be lost from your inventory when you die!

    If you feel like participating in item rounds, but don't want to lose your gear, keep in mind that Soulbound items ARE permitted in the normal item rounds (this includes starter and voters gear). Regular items will leave your inventory on death, but you'll keep the Soulbound stuff. Item damage will NOT be turned off in this round so take care when chosing which Soulbound items you bring - they aren't all unbreakable ^_~*

    No Item rounds:
    Everyone is on a level playing field, with no items, so it's fair for everyone. Zero items may be used in these rounds.

    This includes All armor, weapons, and consumables. Nothing you die with will be lost in these rounds, but neither will they do you any good. Armor is ignored, all attacks do the same damage, and items aren't usable.

    Keep Items - Keep your stuff on death, and nothing takes damage; consumables are consumed as normal.
    Regular Round - Everything drops on death (except soulbound stuff), and your items will take damage; consumables are consumed as normal.
    No Items - No items are usable; nothing brought into the arena will drop or take damage, or affect how much damage you deal or take.
  2. Ooh I'll have to try to be there! :D
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  3. I might be there
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  4. A keep items round! Oh baby!
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  5. This was amazing fun!

    Thanks very much to everyone who came today :)

    There were a lot more, but I didn't think of taking a picture or anything until the very very end...
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  6. Leaderboards have been updated and tokens passed out ^_~*

    I'll see y'all again soon!!!
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  7. technology imploded on me so I'll be hosting this thing tomorrow!
  8. haha im 23 hours and 38 minutes early :D
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  9. Leaderboard points and tokens have been awarded ^_~* gratz again to our champion of last night :p
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  10. Tonight's event was pretty fun! Even tried my hand at running around in the arena while summoning things for us to run from! That part was a little... well.. >_> it was hard, i'll just say that haha :p

    The leaderboards have been updated and tokens should show up soon, too! ;) Thanks to everyone who showed up tonight to hang with us and run from the scary monsters :p
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  11. I applaud your attempt at running around and summoning stuff haha. I'll have to make it to the next one!! :D
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  12. I play for 3 things which are fun, skeletons named after me, and Eviltoade :)
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  13. Tonight's rounds were quite the challenge! Thanks to everyone who attended, whether that was to compete in the arena or watch them fight to the death, it was a great success and lots of fun :D

    Leaderboards have been updated, and Tokens have been distributed! I hope to see you all again soon! ^_~*
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  14. Should be able to make it
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  15. May show up to this one, have to best SkeleTin007 on the leaderboards >:]
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  16. Good luck my friend <3
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  17. tonight i opened up the boss room and we had some seriously manic fun in there tonight!!!

    I want to thank everyone who joined me tonight!! I'll get some more customized things for the big room before next time ^_~* as per usual, i'll post here again when tokens and leaderboards have been updated ;)
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  18. just a little bump to notify that the Leaderboards have been updated and the Tokens have been dispersed! Thanks again, and I'll see y'all next time!! <3
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  19. This evening's Mob Arena was pretty exciting! Just bumping the thread to let y'all know the Leaderboards have been updated and the Tokens have been dispersed to the winners as well! Thanks for joining me tonight! ^_~*
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