[EVENT] EMPIRE GAMES. Mob Arena Weekend!

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  1. Empire Games Mob Arena Weekend!

    Finals are June 1st, 2014.
    3 pm emc time (type /time in game to get the time)

    Congrats to our winners:
    1st: Runningrhino (smp2)
    2nd: Kyzoy (smp3)
    3rd: hashhog3000 (smp4)

    Join us July 12th at the Empire Games Closing Ceremony to see them receive their Medallions.

    Qualifiers: Saturday May 31, 2014 starting at 1:00 cdt
    (short informational beforehand at 12:45 pm)
    Starting with SMP6 this time. The order/times will be:
    SMP6: 1:00 pm
    SMP7: 1:30 pm
    SMP8: 2:00 pm
    SMP9: 2:30 pm
    SMP1: 3:00 pm
    SMP2: 3:30 pm
    SMP3: 4:00 pm
    SMP4: 4:30 pm
    SMP5: 5:00 pm
    Chests with colored wool will be available so I know who is fighting during each mob arena.
    This will be static damage, no buffs, no items. (food is broken, so no food anyway)
    Winner of each of the server mob arenas continues to the Mob Arena Finals on Sunday at 2 pm cdt where it will be an epic battle (anything goes) for the diamond, gold, and iron medallions.
  2. I'll try to make it =)
  3. Time to prepare 10 sets of god armour :D.
  4. Wait?... If qualifiers is no items... All my prepared stuff >.<
  5. this will be over very quick then, in the finals what happens there ?
  6. I'll do my best to last more than three seconds ;)
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  7. Yes, a chance to showcase my amazing skills that are absolutely non-existent.
  8. :l stupid bar mitzvah can't go since smp5 is last
  9. So it's basically a no-buffs round?
  10. Yes. For the qualifiers. Testing your fighting and not your enchantment collection.
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  11. :) I'm very happy that samsimx won't munch on his golden apple all day long :)
  12. Will these be held on the new games server when its up and running?
  13. No items? Guess who won't be advancing to the finals :)
  14. These will only be on the main server for the duration of the Empire Games.
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  15. A time zone
    (CDT = Central Standard Time)
  16. It is a NO item round, the only thing you can take with you is food.
  17. CDT is actually Central Daylight Time, just to avoid confusion :)