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  1. Right now, for 12 special people (it was free) can join a quick EMC fun server. This IS NOT advertising another server, because it is for the EMC people and players. Im having this run for free on [Retracted by Staff]

    I hope to see you.... Hopefully it won't be lonely. I just felt like playing on a server for fun. Let me know if you want to do a creative or survival or whatever. So, it's happening now. Why are you still reading this? GET ON!!!
  2. New server ip: [Retracted by Staff] Reset the server to change settings. Will have EMC logo. We have one person thats in so far. Reply to forum to receive access
  3. IP address retracted by staff: server advertising not allowed
  4. Please note that you may not simply set up a private server and claim that it is EMC approved because it's for the EMC community. That still qualifies as server advertizing.

    If you wish to run an off-server event for the EMC community, then you must follow the guidelines laid out at:

    You may also not use the EMC logo without permission from Starlis, EMC's parent company. Please pm me if you have any follow up questions regarding this.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.