[EVENT] EMC Easter 2019

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  1. *added your pic Ariesis. cd13 =D
  2. I hope this is OK, nice event!
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  3. Previous didn't work, here is the link
    Edit: It did work, sorry
    Second edit: Here are pictures of me and my alt, both names are displayed:

    *added the pic from your first link and we can certainly see SynysterGate's name here. cd13 =D
  4. Phenomenal job build team!

  5. Finished! I loved this event. Maybe I'll do it with my alts? :p

    Lol u can see me in the background taking my pic :D

    Edit 1:
    Pawkward (my alt) is done!

    Edit 2: Regno_Empire (my other alt) is done!

  6. Build team did an AMAZING job! My favorite bit of their work yet.

    Loved this event. Reminded me of my favorite parts of the Halloween event. Keep it up staff!
  7. I should be on to try it :p

    Happy Easter EMC :)
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  8. Loved the event! :) (ft. TrumanIIIII) :p

  9. A great time. Ignore my old man skin... still need to get my fish back. Highly recommend to all who haven't done it yet!