[EVENT] Eclpsys' 666th day Dropparty Extravaganza!!!

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  1. Greetings Emperimen and Emperifemales!

    I'm here to announce the greatest Dropparty in EMC History! In 1 week I will reach my 666th Empire Minecraft day. This number, known by many, will mark the day EMC had the biggest Dispenser lagg spike ever!

    I will be constructing a big wall of 5 levels double stacked Dispensers stuffed with lot's of materials, ranging from enchanted tools to wool stacks, dyes, armor, my own head, Eclipsys' Master Building Services Vouchers and lots lots more!!!

    There's a telepad at /v 104 if you wish to view the monstrous room in which this epic party will be held!

    DATE: Friday, 2nd of August
    Round 1: 12:00 GMT+1

    Round 2: 20:00 GMT+1
    I've build a Bulletin board at /v 104 and I will post the date/time there. I will also post it here, once I've pinpointed those 2 important figures :D

    Any dropparty donations are always welcome, if you wish to donate to the dropparty item stacks, please message me either in-game or via private PM!

    ~Ecli signing off
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  2. Happy 666th day!!! :D
    Also what time will it be on?
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  3. Woo, Looking Forward too it and Congratz!!!!
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  4. Same here! Will b there!
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  5. T.B.A. later today (=
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  6. >.> it's 6:59pm for me now guess I'll have to try to pull an all nighter for this :p :D
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  7. Oh goody, one I may be able to come to :D
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  8. It's still 1 week away :p You can still go to sleep, and come back when its all announced and ready to go :)
  9. What time will it be for me? I'm in England. And what is the date?
    Please respond
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  10. As said above, Date and time T.B.A. later today. I gotta pinpoint everything in my planning :)
  11. And another thing: Does anyone know a good time at which multiple timezones are at daytime, or near night?
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  12. Midday GMT daylight for almost everyone I believe :)
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  13. Algud, how about 14:00 GMT+1?
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  14. I'd like to donate 4 DC of gold swords
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  15. Sure thing! I'll set up 4 DC's for you at 104 ;D

    They'd be like the ''godly blades'' with which we fight ''monsters'' on that satanic date lol
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  16. Congrats Eclipsys!

    I'll try and make the party. ;)
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  17. Happy 666th day
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  18. Suits me :)
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  19. Can you please please get a time that I can come to all the other drop party's like deaths's I can't come to for its at midnight for me. Btw I'm in UK so get a time before 10pm plz and don't do it on Sunday for I'm away.
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  20. Yh suits me to.
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