[Event] Drop Party!!!

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  1. Hey there! It's my birthday tomorrow and also my 250th day on the empire! In order to celebrate this occasion, I will be hosting a drop party on my res in Smp3!

    Here's all the details:

    Time: July 22nd, 1pm EMC time (EST time)
    Location: resident 6684 on smp3
    I will also be giving out rupees to random people on smp3 tomorrow

    thats about all you need to know! It is worth mentioning some of the prizes I will be giving out:

    -Diamond Horse Armour
    -Magic Eggcellant Wand
    -Haunted Candy All Types
    -Starter Sword
    - 2 Horses with Speed 130
    -Enchanted Books
    And much more! I hope I'll see some of you there! :)

    Questions? Please ask below!
  2. Happy Birthday and Happy 250th day! May your future days on EMC be as great as those that have past. Sadly I will not be able to attend this event as I'm going away tomorrow ;-;
  3. Happy *early* Birthday! :p
  4. Happay Birthday!!
  5. Thank you all so much ;-;, it's hilarious that I have all these people wishing me a happy birthday online but none of my friends will be here for my birthday irl xD
  6. Happy Birthday! I won't be able to come, but I hope you will have a fun one. ;)
  7. Thank you too c:
  8. happy birthday!!!
  9. Happy Bithday Ill see if i can attend and happy 250th Day :D
  10. Happy birthday. Sounds cool! :D
  11. Happy birthday!!!
  12. Im Basically the only one Come on guys come over to the dp its starting very very soon (20mins)
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  13. I wanted to come, and it was at a good time, but I can't ;(
    Have fun, though.
  14. Thank u all c;
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  15. Congrats on your birthday, and your 250th day!

    Sorry I wasn't able to attend (had family visiting), but I hope it went well.
  16. It went pretty well and thats ok, c: