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  1. After spending what feels like a lifetime (but really just under 3 and a half years) on Empire Minecraft between my many accounts, I have decided to finally retire. I have found Minecraft to be boring and incredibly repetitive over the past months (especially this last month in which I returned for a short while).

    That being said, what better way to go out than with a bang. Over the next week, I will accumulate items for this Drop Party. I will be dropping essentially everything that I have left, as I am quitting and do not plan to return to the Empire. As of now (when I created this thread), the estimated Rupee value of all items totals to be just over 750,000r. I will form a list of items that are being dropped as the time for the Drop Party approaches.

    While I am not asking for any donations, if you would like to add some items to be dropped, please private message me via forum direct message.

    Promo Items will be dropped in the form of a Written Book that will then be used to claim the promo item that is stated.

    I will purchase strictly Diamonds and Emeralds to drop with my left over rupees.

    The rest of the items are random items...such as, stacks of diamonds, stacks of emeralds, stacks of iron, maxed out Diamond Swords/Tools, Mob Heads, etc.

    Drop Party Date: TBA

  2. But you just opened up your enchbook shop....

    Try taking your account on a random smp into the frontier =P
    form frontier friends and do frontier things.
  3. Oh wow... It really breaks my heart to see a fellow MC player leaving our server. I mean, the drop party is good and all, but I would prefer if you stayed with us.
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  4. Well, I have not known you personally, but it is always sad to see a fellow emc'er leave. I, along with many of your friends will miss you. We will always secretly hope that this is all just a sick joke, but we know that it isn't. I hope that your time here was great, and that you made good friends that you will always share these special memories with. As for the drop party, I may have some donations. I really hope that you have enjoyed your EMC journey, and that your adventure was memorable. If you have a twitter or Facebook or email etc. I hope that you will share that with your closest friends, so they will remember you. You will always be in out hearts and memories. -Christa AKA: Biscuit <3 :(:)
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  5. Noooo buss!
  6. thx for tip! been looking for one! :)

    @bussgil: i dont know u but im also sad that u have no more fun on minecraft :( but there can be more than mc on emc :confused: chatting with ur friends, just helping ppl, getting more resses, building something HUGE!, remove ur res & live in wild?, do events!, maybe help mods do events?, learn redstone, help newbs to get rich! :D, play skyblock (u need to build urself, but a lot works).
  7. lol np? xD