[EVENT] Day of Chance - FireFloor!

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  1. This is great. :D
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  2. *Jeopardy music plays*
    The next event is...

  3. My favorite! :D cant wait!
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  4. WOW! I'm so excited!

    I can't wait for *reads smudged writing on hand* FishFlight!
  5. I think the date is wrong on the title :confused: just fyi
  6. Whoops! Fixed it, thank you. :)
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  7. Thank you all for coming to Fistfight today! :D We had a total of 6 rounds. DaybreakerMC, jewel_king, VoidDistortion, and EquableHook came out as winners! :) See you next week!
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  8. The next event is...

    Mob Arena!
    <Mobs... mobs everywhere!> See you there ;)
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  9. Im excited Count me in!
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  10. whats "EMC time"?
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  11. eastern standard time, or EST.
    EMC time just refers to the time zone that emc is located in, which is EST.
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  12. We had three rounds of normal mob arena today, followed up by one round of boss arena. I hope you all had fun! See you next time ;)
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  13. Prepare yourself... for the die has made its decision!

    ... and as it just so happens, the die's decision involves me dying :eek:
    PvP (Murder that Moople!)

    My head policy from the previous event remains the same:
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  14. Do you allow for twice the same event in a row? ;)
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  15. So much fire! Thank you all for coming :D The people who managed to kill me are: DaybreakerMC, jewel_king, sonicol, and DreamyFeather. Well done!

    Congratulations to DaybreakerMC for winning my head. I'll send that to you soon. :)

    That could potentially happen. ;)
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  16. Sorry for the late announcement! Today's event is...

    Netherspleef! :D
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  17. That was an eventful event! Netherspleef was broken in the beginning so we did Firefloor instead for the first round. Then we fixed it and played three rounds of Netherspleef until it broke again. Thank you all for coming! :D (Did jewel win? I think I missed the announcement :rolleyes: :eek:)
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  18. Hum, it doesn't sound very stable, then. :p
  19. Next up!

    Fistfight! See you all there! :D
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  20. Thank you all for coming! We had five rounds of Fistfight today. :) See you next week!
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