[EVENT] Cyber's 900th Day Drop Party!

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Will you attend?

Yes 14 vote(s) 77.8%
No 4 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Hey EMC Community! If you read the name of this post, it's gonna be my 900th day soon! To celebrate this I'm hosting a drop party! A Few promos and my Head will be dropped. Do not complain if you don't get anything! And I Will NOT BE DROPPING DIRT! I need donations to finish off filling up the dispensers so Please donate anything but dirt. and I'll put you in the donater's section of this post! Private message me if you wanna donate in-game or on the website and I'll come pick it up!

    When: Monday 25th 2014 at 4:00 PM EMC Time
    Where: 12100 on SMP6

    Thanks guys Hope to see you there!



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  2. Sweet, thx for drop party hope to go!! And congratz on 900th
  3. 900 days, wait 100 more for 1000 days...
  4. I shall attend. I will also donate a few things to your drop party since I am not quite ready to do mine yet. :)
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  5. Where and when is it going to be?
  6. In the OP
  7. Come on guys! Tell me if your coming! I will post-pone the party till 1000 days if not high enough attendance.
  8. I would come, but i have to stay at school until 4:00. I get out at 255, but I have to wait for my mom to get done teaching. She teaches elementary school, so I don't get home till 4-4:30 EMC time
  9. Bump
  10. Sorry if this is a little early but Bump! I NEED TO KNOW IF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SHOW UP!
  11. well cyber, ill donate about 4 iron blocks to turn to iron
  12. This scares me. Expect to see Torian at your doorstep at midnight with a bloody axe and making you build a million dollar mansion and then making you destroy it and make you rebuild but with dirt and make you keep it. Also could you do erm like 4 or 5 EMC time us easterners get from school at 3:30ish =P
  13. Thanks :) Could you mail them to me?
  14. Good point. Switched to 4pm.
  15. Last bump until I will consider postponing this event to my 1000th day. Not enough people seem like there coming.
  16. I think postponing it another 100 days sounds very good :)
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