[EVENT CREW] The Spontaneously Sweet Shindig Shaker-Uppers, Revamped!

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  1. Yes, we are back!


    What is the SSSS?

    The SSSS, standing for the Spontaneously Sweet Shindig Shaker Uppers, is an event crew dedicated to providing wonderful events for the Empire Minecraft community to participate in, and win prizes! We try as hard as we can to vary the times our events come in as to make sure people all around the world are capable of attending without conflicting time zone issues. How do we do this?

    The SSSS is now running a new system of holding events. The SSSS team will be split up into 3 subdivisions, each containing a small team in of itself, who will work fairly independently to build and to help with running the events as a whole. Technically speaking, we're a group with smaller groups in them that work in separate sectors to make life easier.

    Current Members

    mman2832 - Co-founder
    cadenman2002 - Co-founder
    hashhog3000 - Co-founder
    More coming soon!

    How do we run our events?

    The SSSS runs on a crowd funding system, meaning the more you donate into the donation pool, whether it be items or rupees, will go straight into the event and making the event better. For example, donating some money might be able to make it so that more rounds are included in a certain event! 100 percent of donations collected from the donation center at 16661 will go straight into the winner's prize pool unless specified otherwise.

    How can I donate?

    You can donate by heading on over to /v 16661 on SMP8 and walking into the snow building. There, you can see a few donation chests with different rupee amounts on them. Feel free to donate however much you please, then PM all of the founders on how much you've donated so we can take note. If you wish to donate items, please PM all of the founders on the site and note your donations, then we will be able to discuss pickup location and other important details.

    Current possible events

    Dunk Tank -=- Bow Spleef -=- Parkour Event -=- Hole in 1
    Drop Party -=- Grief Party -=- Horse Races -=- Build Party
    Scavenger -=- Rainbow Runner
    Feel free to PM all of the founders if you have a suggestion for another event.

    Other information

    If you feel that you are prepared to become a part of the SSSS or one of their subdivisions, please fill out this Google Sheet and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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  3. Yeah, awesome!
    Is going to 16661 absolutely necessary, or can we also just donate via /r pay?
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  4. As long as you pm me hash and Caden, you can do it however you would like
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  5. Bumpers! We're working to get an event soon!
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  6. Sorry couldn't make it to the opening I forgot o had youth group on wensdays :( hope it was fun though :)
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  7. ? what opening?:p
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  8. Darn wrong thread XD
    Silly me XD
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  9. Just out of curiosity, why is there an age if it doesn't effect your decision? :p

    Anyways, I hope you can get some cool events going :)
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  10. We just want to know who we're talking to here. =P It won't either way have an impact on how well we consider you for the application.
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  11. Just curious as to if you guys are still accepting applications for the SSSS? If you are, or when you need more members, be sure to let me know :)
  12. That is an amazing and also unusually long title you have there
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