[EVENT/CONTEST] EMC Jeopardy | Win 30k!

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Shall there be a bonus round for an extra 3,000 rupees?

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Yes 3 vote(s) 60.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Make it 3,300 rupees 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. You think you know EMC? You need 30k? Then welcome to the thread where I have delved deep into the EMC website, wiki, and blog to find you the questions and answers needed to win 30k.

    Two teams of 3 (a total of 6 players) will compete for 30k.

    The winning team will then split the 30k accordingly, so brush up on your EMC knowledge.

    There will be 5 categories with 5 questions each.

    Each category will have 1 question worth the following: 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 points.

    So you know what to expect the categories will be revealed:
    • Category 1 - EMC [General EMC questions]
    • Category 2 - Players [Questions specific to influential players]
    • Category 3 - In Game [Questions about builds In Game, and reses]
    • Category 4 - Dates [Questions about events, updates, and releases]
    • Category 5 - Customs [Questions about promos, custom items, and rare items]
    You will have 8 seconds to answer the questions given to you, if you cannot answer it the question will be passed to the opposing team who can win it for half points. If the opposing team cannot answer it both teams will lose the amount of points the question is worth.

    Please post your username and a number between 1-30 then refer to the chart in the next post.

    Have questions? Post below and they shall be answered, please note there is no official date so as of this moment you have infinite time to research.

    *No alts are allowed.
    *The teams will be chosen by random.org.
    *I would prefer if contribution members didn't participate.
  2. 1.
    7. PureBredGaeilge
    11. wipple4
    12. PenguinDJ
    13. andrewmatic
    16. Sir_Reginald_
    22. BabyCreepersRule
    28. karatekick2001
  3. 22 please :)
  4. 7 is the Irish lucky number so that's my pick :)
  5. 11 - put down wipple5 - oops!
  6. Three seconds to answer the question? Typing it would take more than three seconds... :p
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  7. 28 please, this seems like an amazing event! :D
    Also, like Ultimamaxx said, 3 seconds may be a bit short, since not everyone can type fast, unlike me ;)
  8. 12 please!

  9. Bump!
    *Changed the answer time to 8 seconds.

    Also if any contribution members wish to send me some questions and the answers to them feel free to PM me.
  10. 16 if you don't mind
  11. Actually could you remove me? I have gotten a lot of stuff to do in the coming while. Sorry