[EVENT] Complete Res Destruction Using Tnt

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  1. Hey guys on September 2nd 2014 at 10:00 P.M. EMC time at res 1026I will be hosting a complete Res destruction of all the dirt of my res using tnt, the top donator of the Tnt present will recieve the honor of lighting the many Tnt up but before that there will be a little game to see who can have the best aim out of everyone participating.

    There are a few rules I will need to go over with you guys so here it is with a tnt cannon the person to hit closest to dead center will receive a reward of 5k Rupees while to participate in it you will have to pay 1k rupees. Another rule for the Tnt cannon are that you must provide your own resources and build it by yourself as part of the competition and you must shoot 3 tnt's out of it to get the average of your hits the target will be a simple target to hit lying on the ground

    Now time to go over the recommendation of donating i would recommend in order to have a chance at top donator that you send me your donations in the mail using /mail so i can keep track of how much you donate or if needed send me a pm on here to set up a access chest if you would like then i would also put it in the book of top donor.

    Hope to see you all there, if you have any other questions or recommendations for more games please let me know thanks.

  2. Only diamond supporters can do this tho...
  3. Last I knew everyone could do it...
  4. Only Diamond supporters can use TNT
  5. Last i seen that could have been changed since recent updates so dont quote me on that
  6. ok and that was my bad the res is really 1026 fixing the listing now
  7. You could actually just have a diamond supporter help you to tho
  8. U can blow the tnt u just have to do/res set tnt t
  9. They may have changed it but in the past it was a "perk" of having diamond supporter to be able to blow up TNT
  10. Since the EULA have come with there fairness stuff that was one of the changes of the EMC and I can prove it cuz just a few days ago I was blowing my res to make room for a storage =D
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  11. I just quoted you on that.
  12. LOL! Your a funny guy
  13. I see i should have read the new rules and what not my bad
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  14. Never said it was
  15. LOL i meant...and what not, my bad
  16. O
    Lol I thought u we're being a meany xD
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  17. lol nah
  18. Is this still happening?
    Sorry I haven't been on much. I'll donate all my gunpowder later.
  19. I think i will cancel it due to lack of response sorry guys.