[EVENT] Christmas Party 'O Fun!

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Are You Coming To The Party?

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Yes, I Would Like To Come! 4 vote(s) 80.0%
I Can't, Sorry! 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Christmas Party 'O Fun
    The Host of the party is Little_Katz
    The co-host is LittleBlueBun
    Games And Presents Planned!


    Games And Fun For Everyone
    If you have a gift for someone, please PM Little_Katz
    or LittleBlueBun, So we can put it under the tree
    There is a Fire Floor Planned!
    We Have A Donation Present Section!
    And You can donate a Christmas Present To Krysyy

    Date And Information
    The party is on
    December 19th, 2015 -Saturday-
    12:30 PM -EMC Time- [NOT MIDNIGHT]
    /smp6 /v 12011
    Please Go To The Res To See More!
  2. Will Be there!!
  3. Umm no one can go there. the owner is banned!!!
  4. Pixel_Cat23 WHAT!!!!!!!!
  5. Is this cancelled now, or still going to be held?
  6. no, it'll probobly soon, I'm getting a new keyboard and its comes in about in a week so please help advertise, it might be on the 27th or osmthing Pixel_Cat23 EnderMagic1
  7. Well you never told me about changing the date or never said on thread so people got confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  8. Woah, stop with the spam, please.
    So, is the party on the 27th since the change of schedule, or not?
  9. Umm thats not major spam so watch it
  10. ugh nvm ill just ignore ya and this thread
  11. I already know that, and you don't need to tell me.
    What, are you a minimod or something?
  12. a minimod? I wish! but i'd never be fit to even by a mod :(
    And Merry Christmas Eve!
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  13. Guys take it chill :). Sometimes things happen. And now did the date change, so just go with it :)

    Oh btw I will do my best to attend.
  14. If your good enough, you could be a mod. :)
  15. I don't know if I'll be able to attend on the 27th, but maybe.
  16. 27th omg i missed it!! i was a host and i missed it omg!! im freaking out!!