[EVENT] Chews Box o' Goodies (Competition)

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  1. NOTE ~ Changed the Maximum players inside the competition to 15 so it'll end quicker, also there will be a secret prize for 2nd and 3rd winners!

    This event is currently OPEN
    11/15 Spaces have been taken.
    (List of the people who are in the competition at the bottom of the post)

    Hi peeps, so today i will be doing a COMPETITION!


    The winner will get the following chest of gooditiy goods:
    There are quite a bit of good items in there, please don't just look at the bad ones, theres Zombie virus, Heads, a bow, lots of iron and wood and even MELONS! XD
    bandicam 2014-11-14 22-17-05-014.jpg
    ALSO, the winner will recive 2k from me, 10k from EffinBatman and 6,666r from Dj__Krazy.
    How to Enter

    All you have to enter is create the most bizzare minecraft screenshot you can think of, there are 9-15 spaces! get creative!


    • No innapropraite Backround.
    • No editing in with a editor, only pure minecraft pics.
    • No advertising a Youtube channel or something in the backround
    • No Alts
    • Can be on any server
    • Have fun thinking of your bizzare backrounds =)
    1. colepuncher
    2. Rainbowpony1000
    3. Qwerty189
    4. haastregt
    5. PineappleGem
    6. porphos
    7. 007_James_007
    8. Sabil10
    9. cdjs1987
    10. meerkatman1
    11. BabyCreepersRule
    12. ShelLuser
    13. ~
    14. ~
    15. ~
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  2. I'll also give the winner 6,666r...
  3. omg thanks XD, i'll put that on the thread now
  4. Bump! c'mon start the competition XD
  5. 2014-12-14_08.21.09.png hmm
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  6. me and my diamond supporter voucher before I redeemed it..
    Oh the good old days when diamond vouchers were 250k each...
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  7. I got a weird picture in the wild (explenation: creeper and skeleton standing behind it, so it looks like a creeper with a bow) 2014-12-13_14.12.32.png With a shadow glitch :/
    and a PIG in a TREE :D

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  8. Those boots are piquing my excitment. What's on them?
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  9. You'll have to wait and see, i can't remember aha! i think its mostly what i named them thats the best part lol
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  11. Lemme guess:
    Strawberry boots?
  12. no lol you wouldn't know unless you read EVERY ONE of my posts XD (guud idea doe XD)
  13. NOT A ENTRY, but just another cool picture 2014-12-14_19.59.29.png
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  14. Your allowed to choose one of your entrys, because i would say it's unfair to have two aha
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  15. oh, Ill choose first one
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  16. From a different server (that reset a while ago, so this place no longer exists:(). Love the mooshroom looking up at floating me! :p
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