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Are you interested in participating or volunteering to help in a race in the frontier?

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  1. Event Type:Race

    Event Description:In order to celebrate and promote the halfway completion of the castle wall surrounding the center spawn on SMP5, and also to promote activities in the frontier, and finally to celebrate veterans day, I would like to announce the first ever race for prizes and glory. This will be continued to be held by me or others that wish to participate in activities in the frontier.

    Race will be conducted as follows. Contestants will start on top of the wall just south of the stairs at x -233 y 148. On the count of go, contestants will proceed North to the right hand turn in the wall at x -233 y 268 and proceed East. From there, contestants must proceed East to the next right hand turn in the wall at x 300 y 268 and Proceed South. Continue South to the tower at x 300 y -110. Upon reaching the tower, contestants will see some colored wool that will be placed just prior to the race. The color will be unannounced to discourage cheating. Upon reaching the wool, the contestants must pick up one block of wool and return to the start point using the wall in the reverse order. Once passing the stairs at the start point, the first contestant to place their block of wool will be declared the winner.

    Contestants may wear armor but no speed enchantments are allowed.

    Contestants will only be allowed one stack of melon pieces as food.

    Entire course must be completed on the top of the wall. Falling off the wall does not necessarily mean disqualification, however contestant must return to the wall where he or she fell off.

    Most parts of the wall are high and mob free, however it is not completely mob proof. As such armor and a good sword are recommended, but not required.

    Volunteers will be needed as spotters and to place the wool at the midpoint. Contact me if you wish to volunteer.

    Event Time/Date:5PM CST (GMT +0600) on November 11th 2014. Times may be shifted if there are enough people wishing to do so.

    Event Location:Event will be held on SMP5 on top of the wall and just south of the stairs at x-233 y 148

    Prizes:Prizes come from random things that I have acquired over the years. As such, everyone is welcomed to donate prizes
    First place prize will receive 30 emeralds. Second place will receive 15 emeralds. Third place will receive an stack of iron ore.

    Donations:Prize donations are welcomed. Contact me if you wish to donate.

  2. Yeah, I would be interested, although I'm not available at the specified time.
  3. Thanks for the reply anyways.
  4. Same here, i could do it at around 11am-4pm emc time
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  5. Same. I'm available at any time before 12 and after 9 AM, I believe. I am having my hair cut too somewhere that day though.