[EVENT] Cadenman2002's YOLO Give Away and AMA

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CadenMann, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Hey all!

    Today, I am sitting in my bed at 4:00 AM, wondering what to do, lurking the forums, and I thought to myself: "YOLO, why don't I give away some money!". So here are the details of this event:

    I will be giving away 100,000 rupees (100k) to 1 person, using random.org. To enter yourself, just ask me a question, and that is it! You will automatically be entered in to the draw :D

    Thanks guys!

    Let the questions roll in,

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  2. Nice giveaway caden! :D
    What is your favourite promo and why? :)
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  3. Promo... I like the labor bench because of its convenience but I also like the ESCD because it digs faster than anything I've ever seen :p
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  4. :p random giveaway event :D
    If you were to meet any famous person in the world who would it be? ;)
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  5. What/Who got you to join EMC?
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  6. Probably Paul McCartnry (he's my idol :p)

    The person who got me to join was kiiaka, who has gone long derelict now, she also introduced me to MC in general
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  7. who is your fav emc staff member :p
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  8. Which colour is your favourite Fendy? (FDNY21's white and red, Marlixias' grey and green, CommanderCustard's yellow and blue :D)
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  9. Why arent you sleeping? lol ;)
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  10. What is your favorite block to build with?
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  11. What is your name?

    What is your quest?

    What is the average flight-speed of an unladen swallow?
  12. Do you have a Favorite youtuber? if so who is it?
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  13. Hehe :p I like all the staff members equally, as they are all part of a great community and all do their jobs very well
    hmmm... I like Fendy's white and red, it really makes the eye happy :p
    I am.not sleeping because school starts up tomorrow, and because YOLO
    :D I guess I like building with dragon egg blocks :p
    My name is Caden Hughes :p

    My quest is to own an original dragon egg

    The average flight speed of an unladen swallow is YOLO. That's what.
    I normally don't watch YouTube too much, but I think that Tobuscus and jacksepticeye are pretty good :D
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  14. Can you just give me the rest of your rupees, because, YOLO?
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  15. No, I cannot, because YOLO
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  16. Have you ever considered purchasing 50 DCs of Obsidian? :D Utterly pointless, but fun nonetheless ;P
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  17. Yay for YOLO giveaways and AMAs!! :p

    What is your favorite food IRL and in MC?
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  18. Have you ever been to the End? If so, how many times?
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  19. What is your favotite colour? and what do you think of this colours?
    dark green
    light blue

    ^sorry for da troll :3
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  20. Haha :p I mean, if i ever consider building an obsidian temple, maybe...
    Hmmm... I like dragon egg omelettes in MC and fliet mignon in real life
    i have been to the end many, many, many times, an uncountable number of times.
    -_- Caden is not entertained by your troll :p I like the a royal purple, it's my favorite color :D
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