[EVENT] Boat Race on Ice

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  1. Alright, Troops, listen up!

    In one month's time, on October 26th, at 12 pm PST (or 3 pm EMC) I will be hosting the grand reopening of the Boat Race on my residence, 3118! The race has been expanded to include my alt's residence, and so is longer, with more turns, and a new obstacle!


    The race will be done as a tournament, with 18 available slots to compete! If we are unable to fill the 18 available slots, we will adjust accordingly!

    The tournament will go as such:

    1. Six races, three contestants each, three laps!

    2. Three races, two contestants each, three laps!

    3. One race, three contestants, six laps!


    The prizes are as such:

    For 3rd, 25k rupees
    For 2nd, 50k rupees
    For 1st, 100k rupees, plus an Angry Xendor Racer head!


    In order to enter, just put your username in the comments! The first 18 will be accepted, but should any of them have to cancel, or not show up in time for the race, any extras would have a chance to be picked as a last-minute contestant!


    My fellow hosts will include ChipLordTuttle and TriforceP! I will be recording this event, and so they'll assist in providing commentary as the race progresses!

    I look forward to seeing you there!


    1 - EverchangeMC?
    2 - KatydidBuild
    3 - KoolAid42?
    4 - carolmoss
    5 - The_Mancub
    6 -
    7 -
    8 -
    9 -
    10 -
    11 -
    12 -
    13 -
    14 -
    15 -
    16 -
  2. You are also free to come to my residence to practice the course!
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  3. If I can make it that day, I will be there.
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  4. May I be able to join this wonderful event and become a racer think I'll be able to make it! Hopefully I have nothing on that day, sorry for any inconvenience if I can't come! :D
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  5. (Sorry never done this event so yeah)
  6. Also are we required to bring our own boats or will you provide?
  7. If you wish to bring your own boat you can, but I have boats for you so there's no need.
  8. Oh, alright
  10. Well, I was able to work the race into happening... then I screwed up the recording! So had a fun event, even with only 3 contestants, but I am not going to be able to show it off.
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  11. Clearly you'll have to host again and re-record
  12. Definitely. Though it might be in a couple months, as I'm going to be getting pretty busy.