[Event] Birthday Extravaganza

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  1. Come celebrate funnybone937's 9th birthday with us!

    When: Saturday, September 3rd @ 12:00pm EMC time

    Where: /v 17787 on smp8

    The event will consist of 3 separate parts.

    Part 1: Chest Opening
    Everyone gets a chest with something in it! Please sign up below in order to save time on making access signs. There will be a few extra chests on the day of the event in case someone needs one, but signing up here guarantees you get one. For people that sign up, chests will be available for at least 24 hours after the event in case you can't make it at this time.
    Sign ups for guaranteed chests will end at 11:59pm EMC time on Friday, September 2nd

    Part 2: Chest Search
    The residence will be covered in chests and the chests will contain prizes!

    Part 3: Maze Hunt
    Underneath the residence there will be a maze where you will have to find chests with books inside of them. These books can be redeemed for rupee prizes when found.

    Official Prize Lists

    2nd Event:
    Diamond Supporter Voucher
    Gold Supporter Voucher
    2 x Liberty Sword
    2 x Mineral Mincer
    2 x Marlix Bow
    Marlix Leggings
    Enraged Zombie Egg
    Magical Eggcelent Wand
    2 x Maxarian Head
    Chickeneer Head
    2015 EMC New Year's Firework
    2016 I-Day Firework
    2016 Empire Firework
    12 x Golden Apple (Purple Text)
    5 x Wither Skull
    2 x Diamond Horse Armor
    2 x Gold Horse Armor
    2 x Iron Horse Armor
    10 x Vault Voucher
    2 x Stable Voucher
    Bliz Ard Nose
    Momentus Toothpick
    Dragon Stones & Dragon Fragments

    3rd Event:
    2 x 5,000r
    2 x 10,000r
    2 x 25,000r

    Hope to see everyone there and don't forget to sign up below for part 1 of the event!
  2. Part 1 Sign-Ups:

    1. crafter31211
    2. Sealeon
    3. Sachrock
    4. SkeleTin007
    5. tavi92392
    6. Grimez
    7. WitherDoggie
    8. Dufne
    9. Qkazooo
    10. Allicanto
    11. IIFameHD
    12. cam7051
    13. tuq1
    14. TheHoodMonster
    15. God_Of_Gods
    16. _cTJ_
    17. Guill
    18. Rezxz
    19. Roslyn
    20. OriginalScuf
    21. JohnKid
    22. poofasaurus
    23. b0bbythebuild3r
    24. FluffeMarshmallo
    25. SparkleRoseYT
    26. __Honey_Dew__
    27. Will_McNab
    28. ExExUnderscore
    29. Uber_Corq
    30. KJCHAV
    31. Lil_Emo_Cat
    32. EnderMagic1
    33. Kiku_Dusk
    35. Jxshy
    36. Vortixin
  3. Happy birthday! Hope to be there!
    Sign me up please :)
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  4. Sounds Awesome! Happy birthday also:)
    Sign me up:D
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  5. Happy Birthday! I should be there :D
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  6. I cant wait either, so sign me up too ;)
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  7. hope you have an amazing b day

    sign me UP
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  8. sign me up! Hope you have a great
    b-day :D
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  9. I'll try to be there. Sounds like fun. :D
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  10. Happy early birthday to funnybone! :D
    Sign me up please!
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  11. :p Happy birthday !! also sign me up birthday parties are the best
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  12. happy birthday :D
    add me :p
    i love some good parties :D
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  13. add me to it :D
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  14. Ayyy happy B-day! sign me UP :)
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  15. ohhh, happy bday! sign me up 4 the 1st one :)
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  16. Hope to be there and get a blue name. Happy B-day :) Pet me on the list
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  17. Oh no... time zone is... uh... incompliant for me. I hope everyone has a good time!
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  18. I'm perfectly in time at 7pm on a school night. This is the only even I can make this month xD
  19. It's midnight for me... so yeah. Not so great, since I have a really early morning the next day.
  20. You're in east Asia or Australia? That's really cool.