[EVENT] Birthday Drop Party and Giveaway!

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Squids! 7 vote(s) 22.6%
Squids... 8 vote(s) 25.8%
SQUIDS!!!!! 11 vote(s) 35.5%
sdiuqs? 17 vote(s) 54.8%
yolo 9 vote(s) 29.0%
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  1. As some of you know, Thursday, June 26 is my birthday.
    I thought I should make it special.
    I will be hosting a Drop Party, as well as a Giveaway!



    Information about the Drop Party:
    - What is going to happen? An epic drop party! I'm brainstorming ways to allow everyone to get atleast something :D putting my redstone knowledge to the test. (not giving any spoilers)
    - When will it happen? Wednesday, June 25th, at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. I made a countdown here.
    - Where will it happen? At 2176 Mega Mall.
    - What will be dropped? Idk, you'll have to find out ;)
    - Want to help out/ donate items for the Drop Party/Giveaway? Start a PM with me here :)
    I will add your name on the list in this post, also saying what you donated.
    So everyone can see how generous you are :)


    Information about the 10k + donations Giveaway:
    - All you have to do to be eligible to win something (rupees or items), is reply to this thread saying what your favorite thing to do is in Minecraft, or EMC :)
    - For every item/rupee donation, I will use random.org to determine the winner. The number comment will be randomly selected, and the writer of that comment will receive that prize.
    - The first winner chosen will get 10,000 rupees. The rest of the winners chosen will receive one of the donations, in the order they are donated.
    - Access chests will be made for those selected at res 2176.
    - The winning post numbers will be selected right after the Drop Party.
    - If I reply to this thread, and I get chosen, I will re draw a new number.
    - Please only post once, and no alts :)

    Hope to see you there :) the squids will be waiting.
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  2. Drop Party Donations:
    64x Diamonds - wkramer79
    10x wkramer79's head - wkramer79
    1x PlayTehMinecraft Head - PlayTehMinecraft
    2 DC of enchanted armor and tools - SkareCboi
    12 stacks of Packed Ice - SkareCboi
    Giveaway Donations:
    5,000 Rupees! - Agozyen
    5,000 Rupees! - GameKribBro
    1,000 Rupees! - Maddie152
  3. Winners of the Giveaway:
    10,000 Rupees - PureBredGaeilge
    5,000 Rupees - HurricaneHero35
    5,000 Rupees - cyclops93
    1,000 Rupees - porphos
  4. this is going to be awesome
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  5. First of all thank you for this! Also my favorite thing to do in mine craft is go on adventures with others like a mining trip!
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  6. Happy Birthday, have a great one! My favorite thing to do in EMC is probably mob-hunting, and the custom mobs make it even more enjoyable!
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  7. Happy Birthday Bro!

    My favourite thing to do in Mincraft, tough question, let's see...

    1. Have fun with brilliant communities all across the server networks, usually PvE!
    2. Play mini games on big servers, please don't implement to EMC, would ruin the feel of the server!
    3. Create new friends with the same experience level as me and develop together!
    4. Move through different servers until I find the right one, I found EMC 6 days after I bought the game!
    5. Start over, try out some new style of architecture for a house and go with it!
    6. Download resource packs until I know what one I'm most comfortable with, currently using DokuCraft Light.
    7. Use OptiFine! Currently it is the only mod I use for Minecraft and I would be lost without it!
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  8. Happy Birthday Bro, have a nice day and I hope you get what you want! The thing I enjoy doing on EMC is creating things for other EMC users to use and enjoy and to make them happy as well as myself.

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  9. my favorite thing to do on emc is buy/sell
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  10. My favorite thing to do in MC is dig massive holes.
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  11. Happy birthday!
    My birthday is June 28th... :p

    Mah favorite thing to do in this game is to build something aesthetic but functional.
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  12. My favorite thing in minecraft is building crazy redstone contraptions.
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  13. i'm going to donate some more tonight, do you need materials to build the drop party too or just materials to actually drop?
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  14. just to drop,
    i appreciate your generosity :)
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  15. Sounds cool.

    As for my favorite thing to do in EMC... Buy stuff and jump around my residence for no apparent reason.
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  16. Bump! Just got some more donations from SkareCboi! I'll update the donations list soon :)
  17. Happy birthday! My favorite thing to do while on Emc is try to bug deathconn as much as I can and let creepers blow up and the. Leave their hole of destruction without fixing it >:|
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  18. Building ~v~
    BTW theres no move on your res
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  19. Bump! The party is tonight!