[ EVENT ] Bedfordfamily's 200th Day Celebrations!

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  1. Ok, so from when this post was posted, I'm currently on my 199th day. Well, you know what this means! 200th day celebrations! Below is a list of the events I am doing.

    1. Drop Party
    It might not be a good one, because I am rebuilding my storage ATM, but there will definitely be a drop party.

    2. FREE Lottery
    Ok, so I know that lotteries are such are banned (from scamming), but this is a FREE lottery, so I have nothing to scam from you guys (as if I would anyway :p). The prize is undecided ATM but an entry box will be set up at my res. Remember, it is FREE, so Staff Members, please keep that in mind.

    3. Auctions
    There will be quite a few auctions going on, and I am still fundraising for my promo horses. Some auctions will also happen today, on my 199th.

    Please note: I cannot give you times of which these events will happen, but will happen at various times during the day. Have fun! Post any queries below.
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  2. Hm. No specified time? But how do I know when to get on then?
  3. Thats the thing sorry - unfortunately I cannot be consistent with when I will be on - and my time is 5 hours ahead of EMC, so it's a bit hard to get the right EMC times sometime. EMC time, maybe around 11-12am. I don't really know, sorry.
  4. I think I would've been able to come, but it's too late now :/
  5. Ok :(