[event] Beat the Monday Blues with FireSpleef!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, May 12, 2014.

  1. So this will be very experimental, but we are gonna try it anyway. Tonight (undecided on time), we will try out a new version of firefloor by adding spleef to the equation.

    Prize: 5k per round
    Time: 7 pm cdt
    Place: tbd

    (I am typing this on my phone during lunch break so no fancy colors)
  2. So this will be no European time again I suppose? :rolleyes:
    Well, I hope it goes well! :)
  3. Firefloor is usually at noon on saturday or Sunday so it has made many European schedules. I am looking at around 5 hours from now for this event but I don't want to make it official until I get home and make sure I don't have to build an arena from scratch.
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  4. Time works the same way in all countries. It's your choice to sleep, you could always do what the rest of us do and maniacally stay awake 24/7 so we never miss anything.
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  5. this sounds like a hardcore version of firefloor :O

    i like it >: D
  6. Sorry, I didn't mean that it was not at European time just like the previous ones were not, I meant it was not at European time while the previous ones kind of were.
    I did not mean to come across whining, because I've actually been able to make three of your spectacular fire floors :)
  7. No problem. If you ever have a problem making many of my events, please pm me as I try to spread them out to cover everyone, but I am sure it is inconvenient to some.
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  8. Did this happen?
  9. No, it's in 30 minutes
  10. Got some good ideas. Gonna be building an official firespleef arena on smp7 in the coming weeks.

    If you went to the event, pm me or message here what you thing can be changed to make it better =)
    I look forward to hearing from you all. now for some Jack in the Box!
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  11. How did it go? Are there winners? (probably, but who are they?)
  12. Winners were:
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