[Event] Bad Builders Party

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  1. Hello Empire!

    A few weeks ago me and Equablehook642 started an unofficial club. Basically we went to my spawn res and built a club house. Only problem with this was that we are both horrible builders. The result was a dirt house with a blood moat out in front. But that wasn't enough for the BBC(Bad Builders Club) so I invited the rest of smp7 to join, there were only 2 rules: 1. don't destroy others stuff. 2: If you tried, you tried to hard. The result was a beautiful res with a dirt fort, Aussie cave and moderator traps.

    So here's what I'm doing. This Friday at 10 EMC Time I will be resetting one of my spawn resses (14005 smp7) and I will be giving everyone Build. Everyone is welcome to come and Have a good time. But since I know some people need a little help with motivation, I will also be giving away 1 free beacon to a party goer. So lets pack smp7 and have some fun!
  2. *glances at misshapen sandstone box of a first res*
    I'm in. :p
    Thanks for hosting this. It sounds pretty fun! :) Not often I get to flaunt my mad skills with dirt blocks and the occasional piece of cobblestone.
  3. you should check out smp9 res 18001. now thats so bad its awesome
  4. Yeah, I'll have brad post some pictures of the last party soon.
  5. I am so in! I make a mean dirt mansion!
  6. I found people of my kind, where my talent is accepted! I'm not alone! :D

    (I will join for sure!)
  7. That's actually what me and equable were thinking :p. Even though we can't build we can still have a great time.
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  8. *builds museum on res when no one is looking*
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  9. You're despicable mman2832 , We need to teach the gospel of building to these poor "nerdpolers", but instead you go and embrace their savage ways. :p

    "Create a nice build, Save a child from communism"-JJtheWise 2014
  10. awwwww yisss I had a lot of fun there!
  11. BUMP! 1 day till this starts
  12. 2/12 hours! Lets get ready to party!
  13. I'm gonna have to push the event 10 minutes back. So it will start at 10:10
  14. Congrats to MissFable and AtomicAnt for winning first and second prize!
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  15. I'm already there. #BBC #TotallyBelong