[EVENT] Archery Competition

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  1. For this week's SMP4 Saturday Night Event, I've decided to host an archery competition!

    How it works:
    The competition will be set up in a tournament style.

    Two contestants will be standing 10 blocks away from the target. One of them will shoot at the target, followed by the other. If both of them hit the target, the distance increases to 20 blocks. If this happens again, 30 blocks, and again 40. (40 is the max - every round after will be from 40)

    Once one of them misses the target (even at 10 blocks away), they are eliminated. The eliminated person may get a chance to play again for 3rd place, though.

    To sign up, either leave a reply here of message me in game.

    Currently signed up:
    1. iGittanotheHorze
    2. Salpai
    3. Komiar
    4. Dufne
    5. Birosquinha
    6. SteamingFire
    7. Rhythmicaly

    EDIT: Forgot to mention - if you want some practice in the actual arena, it's at /v +event on SMP4. Also, it's at 7 PM EMC time, Saturday (19th).
  2. I'm in! :)
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  3. haha like it, I'm in!
  4. (bump)
    Just over a week away!
  5. (bump)
    Now less than a week away!
  6. This is the greatest event ever! Unfortunately I can't make it... I'll be asleep at that time. I'll definately come next time :)
  7. Only a few days left to join in!
  8. Just under 3 days left to sign up!
  9. Event tomorrow!
  10. Less than 12 hours left to sign up!
  11. 4.5 hours!
  12. Event in 15 minutes!
  13. Well, can't say I didn't try.

    Due to exceptionally low turnout, expect another competition to be held soon.