[Event] A Griefday Party!

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  1. It's my Birthday! Come grief me!

    Come join on us smp9 for a good ol' fashioned grief party to celebrate getting older but probably not any wiser. I have hidden random goodies underground all over my residence. So stop by and see if you can find a prize! There will also be free cake and cookies.

    Where: Smp9 @ 18086
    When: August 25th 4:30pm EDT (EMC time)
  2. Awesome! I'll be sure to come :)
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  3. Four pm... We'll see if I can make it cause the 25th is the day after i start school....
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  4. BUMP! You're all invited :)
  5. NOTICE: The time has been changed for the event, from 4pm to 4:30 EDT (EMC time.) I'm sorry for the inconvenience! I have a prior engagement I had forgotten about. I will be back by 4:30 :)
  6. I would definitely come, but I will be at work at that time, sadly..
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  7. :c dang it ofcourse im at work during the good grief parties
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  8. The griefday party has commenced! Come on over to smp9 @18086 if you want to join the fun :)
  9. Sorry I couldn't make it. Happy Birthday to ya.:)
    Mine was Yesterday the 24th.:D
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  10. oh, Happy Birthday to you :) We're still over here wrecking the place if you want to stop by. Hehe.
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