[Event] 50k Build Off!

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  1. In this event it is about creating the best building you can! You will be given materials and a topic the build off!

    ON SMP1

    first place gets 50k!

    Time: Saturday the 22nd at 7 GMT 2pm empire time or EST.

    It will be held in some plots of land. The res will be given to you later on.

    If you want to take part please put your minecraft in game name down below. If you have any questions find me on the server or ask me down below. Thanks

    And Good Luck!
  2. Can you put the time in EMC time?
  3. There
  4. So for most of EMC, this will be at midnight.. I'd consider changing times if you want the most people to show up.
  5. I changed it to 12 empire time?
  6. 12AM = midnight isn't it?
  7. Id like to join the competition!
    Is the empire time western american time or eastern american time?
    And on which server is it going to be?
  8. EMC time is EST.
  9. Alright then ill certeinly join because its perfect timing for me!
  10. I'd love to enter!
  11. Dang it, that's 6am my time :(
  12. Hi hendeboss, I would love to take part .... As long as I don't have to use my res as it is pretty full ATM but it would be great to join my ign is Freddotheminer and my utube is MapleMon
  13. I'll take part
  14. Just in case no one knows yet, this is closed seeing how hendeboss has been banned
  15. Banned??? please more info on this happening let me know through PM
  16. Im coming back on just a misunderstanding between me and what I did.
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  17. Nah, too late for me.

    Wut? xD Hahahaha!
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  18. lol just realised that makes no sense!