[Event] 4 days a week of Fire Floor!

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  1. Hello fellow EMC friends!

    Me and a few friends have decided to put up a few events per week. The info and dates/times is further below.
    The event we will run on 4 days per week is Fire Floor. You may of seen krysyyjane9191 running a few of these, but these events inspired me to make my own. It just shows that even regular players can make events originally ran by staff.
    There is a 30x30 arena (below) which takes a while to reset, meaning there will only be one event in a day :( But dont worry! There is 4 events EVERY week! Making your week brilliant!

    Fire Floor.png
    So you interested in coming? :)
    Look below to find the dates and times and the people who will be running it :)

    Wednesday: TechFilmer and BTHarrold98 at 5pm EST
    Friday: captaincraft300 and possibly woblerbutsy102 at 5pm EST
    Saturday: TechFilmer and BTHarrold98 at 11am EST
    Sunday: captaincraft300 and possibly woblerbutsy102 at 11am EST

    All of these will be held at res 19100 on smp9!

    I hope I see you all there :)
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  2. woop woop :D
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  3. So close to winning the first firefloor! Congrats Bluer123
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  4. Lets go Boys!!! Can't Wait to see you out there! :D
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  5. Bump :) Event will start soon :)
  6. When is soon?
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  7. About an hour from now :)
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  9. Great news :D

    Also, NOTICE: Due to a recent thread I made about a new obsession, I am bringing the most voted item (So far) to the event... You will find out (if you dont know already) what it is at the event :)
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  10. -2.5k of special rupees (normal with an extra word for the added effect of specialness)

    -Donation's chest

    -A very special secret item (Valuable to me, might not be valuable to others :p)
  11. Slightly off topic here... But I love your signature :D
  12. beast, meaning beast as the fire floor will be beast. but nvm then xD
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  13. Wasn't on about your comment :p I meant I was speaking off topic about your sig :D
  14. Donkeys kicks backwards, did you know that ??
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  15. I didn't

    Back on topic please :p
  16. what about my sig ?? xD
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  17. Thats different... sort of :D