[EVENT] 2016 PvP Games!

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  1. Last Year's PvP Games

    Event Type: PvP
    Event Description: This Event is for ANY players to Battle!

    Event Time/Date: May 8, 2016 7:00PM EMC Time.

    Event Location: /pvp on SMP6!

    Rewards: TBA

    Please donate more rewards!

    Why We Do this: I do PvP Events to let players who don't really have the time for other events or for players who don't like Mob Arenas, The lag of Drop Parties, ect. I will continue to do events like BOTS PvP but I want to have a HUGE PvP Event!

    Sign up here!

    EDIT: No Gapples
  2. I swore myself not to go to any pvp/pve events since my ban.
    (I have alts but I am not taking them there)

    Have fun! :)
  3. How do we determine a winner? I am in as long as I can make it at that time.
  4. Bump!
    I'll explain it at the event.
  5. I would love to join, but once again, I'm at school during the event. Wishing everybody good luck, and have fun! :D
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  6. Sorry! I wish you could attend.
  7. Will come if possible
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  8. Are potions allowed? :p
  9. Sure! Just no gapples.
    Poison will be great too =P
  10. I shall try and make it :3
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