[EVENT] 2016 Annual Ro Drop Party

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  1. Hello everybody! It is I, HelloKittyRo! I have very special news to report to you all! I am hosting a drop party soon! I want you all to be there, and have fun! Please read about my drop party, and enjoy! :)

    Party Info: Dates, Times, ETC.
    This drop party is just for fun! It is for no reason at all. I am going to be giving away my items (as everybody knows, I am leaving EMC. Read more here:https://empireminecraft.com/threads/leaving-emc-not-a-joke.67097/.) It would be kind if members donated money for it though, and items. (Read more about it below.) Anyways, this giveaway will be held September 4th, 2016 at 4:00 PM/EMC Time (New york time.) The location will be /v HelloKittyRo 4 on smp2.

    What items should we bring?
    Well, after the drop party, we are going into the wilderness for a little fun! You should bring..:
    • Armor (Iron, or Diamond is probably the best.)
    • Weapons (Stone, Iron, or Diamond is probably the best.)
    • Food (Make sure you bring extras, you might have to share!)
    • Any other stuff you might wanna bring!
    I know, I'm leaving EMC pretty soon. But I need the money to build the arena! (It would be kind if you donated items too, but you do not have to.) In the second comment down below, your name will be put under the donations section. You can donate one rupee, and it would still help. I need the money for..:
    • Building the residence.
    • Buying a couple more items.
    • Other surprises...
    I hope to see you all there, and I hope you all are going to have a good time! :)
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  2. Donators: Thank you for donating! You have really helped the drop party! You can even get rewards for donating!
    • If you would like to donate, we are currently looking for redstone blocks, iron blocks, items (any kind accept trash), and rupees. Thank you! :)
    • Thank you slash14459 for donating! He donated Iron and Redstone Blocks.
  3. Reserved post!
  4. I plan to try to make it
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  5. That color is really hard to read. Maybe change it to something a little easier on the eyes.
  6. Okay :)
    Really, it is? I picked a color that wouldn't have that effect. Thank you for the feedback, I will change it.
  7. Awesome! Sorry to hear that you are leaving :/
  8. What items are you looking for for the arena?
  9. Thanks. I'm sad to leave, but I will be back!
    Diamonds, gold, iron, etc.. Anything you can give me is fine, I don't wanna be greedy :)
  10. How are you going to host this event if you are leaving before the event for school?
  11. Have fun at your event HKR :)
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  12. I found time to host it :)
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  13. Just wondering how you found time to host as you dont know what you will be doing yet... I have my 4th year 1st semester coming up, and I dont even know what I am doing yet.... Its not like you have the school schedule yet... lol
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  14. Oh dang, its the same day as my 4 year party...
  15. I do know what I am doing :)
  16. in new york, long island at least, we get our schedules at the beginning of summer...
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  17. I got half of mine a day ago, and have to wait till the 22nd to get the other half, and then I have to wait till the 5th to get my new work timetable, So thats why I was asking...
    No need to be rude, As you can see from my message above, Thats why I asked....
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  18. I'm not being rude, I just said I know how to do what I am doing.
  19. The way you said it seemed snide, that's why they thought it was rude.
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  20. Well, it was not intended to be rude. Anyways, this is getting off topic. I'd like it if everybody only talks about the party, thanks all :)
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