[EVENT] 2012 EMC Olympic games

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Is a 2013 EMC Olympic games a good idea?

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yes 6 vote(s) 60.0%
no 3 vote(s) 30.0%
it depends 1 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. Hello EMC i would like to bring some attention to an event i have created, the 2012 emc Olympic games! The games will be hosted by smp6 at the residence 12600 kindly loaned to us by TheEpic5, there will be a few events each with prizes for the top 3 ppl in each events, as of now the events are 40m dash, 40m hurdles, 320m dash/run/sprint, parkour, archery, diving, swimming (pool not completed). There are still spots open for those who wish to compete (you can do this by starting a conversation with me asking to join) but sign up quick because space is limited! Each event will have places determined by time or score, the winner of each event will get a diamond block, second place will receive a gold block, and third will get a iron block.
    If u wish to watch the games there will be 2 methods of doing so, first method will be to visit smp6 on the day and time of the event u wish to veiw, the second will be though a youtube channel witch will be posted on my page with a link or something of that sort after the games, the date and time has not been determined as of now but will be determined in the near future and posted on this thread, and or on my page.
    This is not a copy of the other games that are on the home page, this idea was started before the thread was posted. Thanks for reading and please compete in or attend the 2012 EMC Olympic games!
  2. the date is moved to the 16 at 3
  3. The slime is here!
  4. Huh?
  5. i did, but i conceived the idea before the thread was started, to its still, my idea
  6. Seen my signature? *cough* EMC Olympics *cough*
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  7. U do notice u hadn't posted the thread when I got/ started on the idea do technically it's neither of our ideas
  8. are u gonna add anything else?
  9. not for now, but next year, (if there is one) i will be
  10. Happens every 4 years?
  11. Wtf? You posted this on Friday and say that it's your idea? Kman made it like 3-4 weeks ago, and it was the TOP POST in the MIDDLE of the FRONT PAGE for like 2 weeks! You have got to be f ragging kidding me.
  12. Liked :p

  13. Do I have to quit EMC ._.
  14. Thanks for the back-up but that wasn't the LLOlympics thread. That was Soul's EMC Olympics.
    This is what makes me sad. You created it? There were several post of a suggestion of this. THe only reaseon I have that in my signature is I would like to start a orginization that would plan each EMC Olympics. Also, just a request, be neater please.
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  15. No.
  16. please if u wish to bring down the work i and the epic have worked on, do it somewhere else, it was posted 1 week ago, I came up with it a couple days before (I didn't start on the stadium immediately though), how ever I wanted to build the stadium before I started a thread. there are many differences between this Olympics and your own, I would appreciate it if recognized this. There are only 2 shared events, and both where proposed by others! I did create the stadium and many of the events there fore i have created those aspects.
  17. If I can trust you more I might ask you to join the EMC Olympics organization. Not that I don't trust you. I'm sorry, the whole 'I created' thing did catch my eye. Good luck with yours.

    EDIT: Also, there is a reason we type neatly. Please use correct grammar.