[EVENT 16/08/2017] Make SkareC rich again!! (Shop till you drop event)

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What I think about it all.

Happy Birthday!! 20 vote(s) 46.5%
Banana!! 14 vote(s) 32.6%
Potato!!! 14 vote(s) 32.6%
Woooooo!! 11 vote(s) 25.6%
Double banana and potato!! 18 vote(s) 41.9%
I have no words!! 10 vote(s) 23.3%
I shall attend. 15 vote(s) 34.9%
All of the above. 16 vote(s) 37.2%
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  1. Updated all signs to items. Shop until empty. Entry for competition still open till the 31st August 2017 Midnight EAST.
    Make SkareC rich again!!
    Alsoyou can win 1Million Rupees

    When: 16 August 2017 (SkareC Birthday)
    Where: 8931, smp4
    Start Time: 8am (EAST) 16th August 2017, 6PM EMC Time 15th August 2017
    End time: Midnight 31th August 2017, EAST time.
    One Lucky buyer during this period (shop keeper will automatically enter you in when you make a purchase) will be chosen at random by Bro_im_infinite to win a rare SkareCboi's alt Head , an event signature book and a check of 1 Million Rupees.

    FAQ -
    What is going on?
    Well as few of you know, when I do events , my events are big, bigger, biggest...

    Why make SkareC rich again? I thought he was already rich.
    Rich in items yes but rupees wise I am not that rich. *Cough* *Cough*

    Whats the event?
    SkareC will activate buy flag at start time and you will be able to purchase anything from the chests on the residence. Lots of resources will be sold enough for everyone to get a good deal out of it.

    Why should I come?
    I think the question is why not come.

    What do I need to bring?
    Bring yourself and your rupee wallet full. Cause a bargain like this won't happen again for a while.

    Whats is going to be on sale? Some prices might be reviewed even lower.
    7r/unit Leather: 33DCs (+10 DCs if I feel like crafting and carting it back to town)
    50r/stack 45r/stack Stone: 165DCs
    4r/unit 3r/unit Sea Lanterns: 55DCs (+15DCs if I feel like crafting and carting it back to town)
    32r/stack 25r/stack 20r/stack Cooked Fish: 110DCs
    32r/stack 20r/stack 10r/stackPrismarine Brick: 22DCs (+50DCs if I feel like carting it back to town)
    16r/stack 12r/stack Rotten Flesh: 22 DCs (+50DCs if I feel like carting it back to town)
    5r/unit 4r/unit Gun Powder: 11DCs
    16r/stack 10r/stack 5r/stack Arrows: 44DCs (+10DCs if I feel like carting it back to town)
    96r/stack 80r/stack Bones: 99DCs (+10DCs if I feel like carting it back to town)
    64r/stack 48r/stack 40r/stack String: 55DCs (+10DCs if I feel like carting it back to town)
    8r/stack Pearls: 11DCs
    2r/unit 1.5r/unit Iron Ingots: 44DCs (+50DCs if I feel like restocking from my vaults)
    10r/unit 8r/unit Gold Ingots: 44DCs (+27DCs if I feel like restocking from my vaults)
    48r/stack 40r/stack 32r/stack Steak: 77DCs
    48r/stack 40r/stack 32r/stack Raw Beef:11 DCs (+10 DCs that I was too lazy to cook)

    With all these chests will I lag?
    Yes make sure you use a sorta half good computer as there are a lot of chests on that residence. Also I recommend staying on the residence and not venturing to the south-west of the mall as one of the neighbors has a extremely laggy residence that will kick you from server if you lag mid jump.
  2. Reserved POST
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  3. skrt skrt finna bank lil mama
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  4. will there be only one quantity you can buy from per type?
  5. Haven't decided the wholesale amounts yet. But most will be sold either stack unless I deem that the price per stack is too expensive per transaction to give people with limited funds a chance to get a deal.
  6. bump to create hype
    Edit: Updated prices in OP
  7. Slowly coming alone. Just added another 100DCs of items to the stock.
  8. RIP EMC Economy after this event lol
  9. Added another 100DCs of items. This is going to be a big one.
    Edit: updated some more prices
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  10. BUT the real question on everyone's mind is of course... do you sell SkareC heads? Because that's the hot topic we all want to know about :D

    More seriously... (naaah :D).. I'm probably / definitely going to do a review on this "because I can" and "because I think you deserve the attention".

    Also because of the spread of the whole event (I LOVE that detail Skare!!) everyone can attend and everyone can.. well... do a review ;)

    Meh, we needs more smileys. I think I should work on that this month.
  11. SkareC is easy to buy, I think he has a shop on his Eiffel tower res for 1k a pop or something like that. Now the other heads are much more rare, and people genuinely collect these things like promos. I've got Blue and Orange atm, and I think Roslyn has like 3
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  12. Now that you mention it. If I have time I'll through in a Genuine SkareCboi's Head to all participants.
    Also see below.
  13. I see you changed the price on gunpowder from 5r/unit to 4r/stack - is that a typo or did you actually drop the price that much?
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  14. Looks at this thread, then looks at 1/4 of the economy
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  15. Thanks for noticing it. I will placing the shop signs today sometimes.

    EDIT: I'm getting pumped for this event.
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  16. less than 12hrs until start bump
  17. Less than 1 hour till start.
  18. Res still has load of stock. get it while you can. Res is open until the 31st of August. Buy as much as you want.