[Event] 1000th day PARTY!

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Can you make it?!

Poll closed Sep 24, 2015.
Yes! Woohoo! 5 vote(s) 21.7%
No. =( 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I'm not sure yet, i'll check my schedule. :I 6 vote(s) 26.1%
I'll try and make it, but something might come up. :) 12 vote(s) 52.2%
  1. Well, that marks the end of it, folks. The party is over, and I had a ton of fun! Thank you, all of you, for coming! I hope you had a great time too. I had a great time! Thanks again for coming! I hope your 1000th day (or above) is as special as mine was.

    Thank you so much Kytula, for assisting me with this. She donated promos, items, time, her residence, and was cheerful about the whole thing. I'd like to make a shoutout to her treetop shop at /v 2112 on smp1!


    Spleef: Callumxfletcher
    Firefloor: Nester2Pylos
    Giveaway: Crazy_x_Gamer
    Ask Me Anything: Kytula
    Drop party: EVERYBODY!

    Kytula: MAJOR help, let me use her residence for the party and donated items. =D
    DanialBuchinger: 10k!! Thank you SO much Danial!!
    Shultzy92: God Apple, it went to the Dp.
  2. Been meaning to ask this forever now :p how'd you pick your username? Also you going to keep it now that you can change it on emc?

    Thanks for doing this event! And early gratz on ik days on the empire ^_^

    Edit: I'll take 3 please
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  3. 25 please, happy 1000th day
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  4. ill take lucky numba 7 :)
    happy 1000th day :D
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  5. 24 please! Happy 1000th day! :)
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  6. 14, plz and thks.
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  7. So cool meeting you tonight! Hope I can make it to the party. Happy 1000 days!
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  8. 17 please! I hit 1000 200 days ago :p. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did
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  9. I'll take 11 thanks :p
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  10. I would love to take 1 and thanks for big giveaway
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  11. I feel kinda bad :( Am I the only one whose going to do the AMA?
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  12. Ill take 15.
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  13. I'll take number 5 if you kindly would add me
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  14. Thanks for helping me with the event!
    To be honest, I have no cool username story.
    I just used a random username generator a long time ago for something different, and have used it ever since. I was debating changing my name to JadedRaven, but it's already taken. :(

    Thanks to everyone who wished my a great 1000th! I hope yours (or your 2000) is wonderful also!
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  15. Bumpity Bump!
  16. I'll take 20 and happy 1000th day!!!
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  17. 2nd please! Because it's the best!
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  18. 21 on that giveaway, please! Happy 1000 days in the Empire. I really hope Ill be able to make the event!
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  19. Congrats to Ya! #16 please:D
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