[Event] 1000th Day Drop Party!

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Will you be there?

Yes 23 vote(s) 45.1%
No 3 vote(s) 5.9%
Maybe 25 vote(s) 49.0%
  1. Hey EMC,

    I had notied that my 1000th day is coming up fast, and wanted to do something so i will be Hosting a Drop Party!

    Where Will the Drop Party Be?
    12002 on smp6

    What Day will it be Hosted?
    Nov. 24th

    How Long will it run for?
    2.5 Hours

    What Time will it be?
    4:30pm EMC Time

    How Many Double Chests wil be there?
    65+ Double Chests

    What items Will be Dropped?
    Enchated Books
    Horse Items
    (Armour, Eggs, Leash, etc)
    Few DC's of Quartz
    And So Much More!

    Want to Donate Items to the Event?
    I will be opening up a Donation Chest at 12004.
    Please PM me or Post on Thread.

    Want to donate Anything else?
    Please PM me.

    People who Helped make this Possible!

    Donated Items
    -Ender Pearsls
    -Encanted Items

    People that Donated Items

    More Info coming Soon!

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  2. Reserved!

    Disclaimer: Time or Day is Subject to change if i am busy or not able to make it on. I do not own the res it is hosted on, someone is just loaning the res to me to use for the event. No one will have move on the res 3 hours before event, so i will be able to prep and get the items ready and into the system.

    In Addition there will be No VIP Area as i want everyone to be equal.

    Asking or Begging for items, Or any type of Complaining will result in a Ban from the res. No spamming the Chat. If you got a Voucher to Redeem to me for an item or have any question, or see a bugged dropper, Please pm me and i will try my best to reply and fix it.

    Books are sent out to expensive items, if you got one, you have to redeem it to me after the party.

    If you have any items to Donate, The closing time is 4:25pm Nov 24.

    If you have Any Other Questions, Feel free to ask.

    Thank you and Enjoy the Drop Party
  3. finch can u plzzzzz make it like 4pm or 11:00am? im in uk and its so late D:
  4. There changed to 4:30pm
  5. thx ur the best!
  6. If anyone Needs a Different Time, just post below and i will try to get the best time for eveyone.

    I would also need your input on Items and other stuff, Just post anything you Want.
  7. Finch how ironic, I just had my 3rd year of EMC party and your having a party not even 30 days after! I will definitely try my best to be there!
  8. Aww I can't make it until about 6:00 EMC time I have school
  9. Well if i get a Set time everyone can make it, i can chage it,
    Just say what time it best and i can change it.

    (it's in the disclaimer haha)
  10. Attention
    Would it work better if i changed the date to the 23rd? as then instead of Monday, it would be on Sunday?

    Let me know what you think?
  11. I can do either, but yeah, Sunday sounds preferable, given the choice.
  12. Monday would be better for me!
  13. Monday would be better for me!
  14. Monday would be better for me!
  15. #spam oh i'll try and go. i need dem promoz
  16. Yes that would be great any time after 8am on Sunday should work for me :)
  17. I will be moving the Donation and Chest area, as i will be Preping that res for a build.
  18. Would it be possible to move it to Saturday? (That would be Sunday for me)
    If not, that's completely fine :)
  19. well we have to see what is best for everyone
  20. ok, thanks :)