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  1. Hey Empire Minecraft Peoplez. I got a bit ambitious last night and wrote a nice essay on the Reddit. These are MY observatiions, not necessarily representing EMC; just me.

    I have only gotten one (awesome) comment at this point, so still curious what everyone else might think about it ;)

    Edit: Oh, and please keep posts on this thread to be 'in general'. EMC specific discussion should be continued on the other thread
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  2. Very Nice! Also, you could have said that faction servers and lots of others won't be able to survive if the new EULA takes place meaning that they will end up switching to a different game if their favorite type of servers are just going to die slowly.
  3. I could have said a lot more, but it was lengthy enough as is. Also, although this May be true; I tried to stick to the stuff I know for sure (not making stipulations about servers, I have not even played on)
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  4. I think the strategy for many servers would be to stay on 1.7.9, which honestly is my preferred option.
  5. Although 1.7.10 has the toggle-able option to accept the EULA; Mojang is making the argument that regardless the version - all must comply to these restrictions
  6. EULA applies to all current versions too. The force acceptance is to raise awareness of the EULA and more legal grounds for mojang to say you accepted it
  7. Bravo.
  8. I love this; it covers many key points that have been worrying me while voicing them intelligently.
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  9. I understand, but if you stay on lower server versions, they didnt force you to accept it, and servers could likely still stay the way they are. Honestly, im getting tired of minecraft updates anyways.
  10. Voiced my opinion. It's slightly PG13 though for you youngens.
  11. *blink*

    Sometimes I like to forget that I play with people at least half my age...
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  12. I keep my language clean, but I am surrounded by much worse and have become desensitized.
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