ETA for 1.7?

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  1. I was just wondering if there is any ETA for the server to be updated to 1.7?
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  2. I'd say not long, but it could be till thanksgiving or anytime until then. ;3
  3. 1 week aikar time.
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  5. I think the server is dependent on Spigot, which is dependent on Bukkit. When I was looking at the Bukkit forum last night looking for information on the Fortress/Witch spawn problem, they were asking the same questions there.

    The ETA is TBD.
  6. At least a week still... This is one of the biggest updates there is.
  7. Why do you guys keep saying this is going to take forever like 1.6? We just need to wait for CraftBukkit to update and be stable.. It's not on Aikar's end atm it's on Bukkit.
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  8. No, it's on Aikars' end too. EMC runs modified bukkit. And because Mojang don't get that people make plugins for bukkit, and that some modify it, they think they can basically completely rewrite everything there is to do with servers.
  9. It's for the better. they are trying to make the code suck less.

    de-notch-ify it

    1.6 was weird in that it required us to develop an entirely new feature...

    1.7 might take some effort to update our fork, but thats still 'doable'.

    The main fear is chat... Chat is very broke in 1.7 and nearly every bukkit plugin might break with 1.7. Thats why I was doing chat updates, preparing us for 1.7 and cleaning up some of our chat code, migrating it off of the deprecated events that might very well disappear in 1.7.

    So while I'm not directly working on 1.7 yet, I am at least working on stuff ahead of time in prep for it.
  10. When you say a week do mean "a week for us" or "a week on your timescale"?

    This sounds like it could take a while... sounds more and more like a week Aikar time!
  11. Thought I'd just mention something, I've been playing a 1.7 server, and achievements don't work... So that may be something else for you to fix...
  12. Fix by disabling... Until a system can be designed to only send to people in your group.

    those will be too spammy.
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  13. Ya it's The Update That Changed The World
  14. Then how will anyone know that you have gotten wood?
  15. More importantly how will anyone know that I broke my fist getting it?
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