Estiment on when EMC will be finished updating??

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by reedomann, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I forgot and I updated when do you think EMC will be updated?
  2. Depends, but ill say aroun' 5days
  3. 1-2weeks at the most
  4. Its normally done in a few days if that.
  5. is there a way you can send the 1.2.5 file to him (and me) so we can get back on
  6. LOL, if it'll take that long, I'll update anyway and go without EMC.
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  7. I'm not sure tho, it could take hours aswell =P We just have to wait untill bukkit comes out with an recommend build.. :D

    This is legit, I've tried it few times to get back to alpha days. It's a custom made client there has every .jar file of the game, so you can get back to all versions of Minecraft .. :D
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  9. there is alot on this new update so i think i will be a fair whiletill we get an update
    gona be alot of codeing for the books in shops
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  10. when craftbukkit++ updates and probably a few other things we should be good. Since there was a 1.3 prerelease it will happen quite soon as they released it early for plugin devs
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  11. how do i work it?
  12. Long time ago but I think it was like this: First download it ofcourse, then open the client. When the client is open there should be a place to download jars, like where the force update will normally be I guess, just pick 1.2.5 and then you are good to go.

    Ps. You have to log in via you account. (This is safe, alot of people have used this before)
  13. did not work
  14. Dunno then sorry, Ill had helped you now but I have to go to bed now. Maybe someone else can help you. A fellow emc player made a thread on how to backgrate mc version, maybe he/she could help you out!
  15. i have updated like 3 times and yet i can play emc!
  16. lol so many different estaminets so i really dont know what to believe!
  17. did not work
  18. you can get bottle o' enchanting for villagers