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  1. so i would like to try and claim the area i have settled in in the frontier on SMP7. theres a nice shiny new locked chest under the portal (if you need the coords let me know). Its Called WyntyrHaven, or just Haven for short, and was founded by myself. I have done alot of building including a huge castle. and it would be a shame to not at least try and get estabolishment. there is an outpost nearby but hopefully it is far enough away that its not going to interfere with this request. if it is indeed to close let me know and i'll get the head of Hyrule to write on this thread as we have an aliance in game and are rather fond of being neighbours.
    :) thnx in advance
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  3. I see no conflict between the claimed territory of WyntyrHaven and the outpost of Hyrule.
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