[Established] Witch Hut Outpost of Smp4

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  1. Hello all. I'm here today to announce the creation of something big. Something amazing. Some even consider itLegendary. On June 19, 2014 April 11, 2015, The Legendary "Witch Hut Outpost (of smp4)" was Born!

    My most recent locked chest is in the heart of the outpost.

    Located in Utopia Smp4, the Witch Hut Outpost stands at a Jaw Dropping 150k + out in the Wilderness Frontier.

    Current Members:

    Bro_im_infinite (Owner)

    We are not currently accepting new members. Please do not ask to join.

    If anything more info is needed regarding the Witch Hut Outpost, Please start a PM including all 3 6 owners.


    This is Definitely not Copy and Pasted from my old thread of my other outpost ;)

    Read about it here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/witch-hut-outpost-established.40461/

    This is an entirely different Outpost with different people on a different server.
  2. And here, you will find South riding a Wild Sasquatch:

  3. I wonder what you would find at the "witch hut outpost"
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  4. lol definitely not farms, no farms here *stands infront of all the farms and blocks the view of them*
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  5. If the thread title didnt give it away, the fact that you are always afking at a mob farm gives it away ;)

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  7. bump for the staff
  8. What mod gives you all that info in the corner?
  9. idk :p depends on which corner you're talking about
  10. The top left corner
    lol forget there was info in all corners
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  11. idk :p why do ya ask?
  12. It looks cool and i want to use it
  13. its one of the HUD mods idk what its called.
  14. Ok ill see what i can find
    Edit: Its called ingameinfo mod
  15. Congratulations, your outpost has been established.
    Would you like this thread to remain open or to be closed?
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