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  1. Welcome to a peaceful, monster-free island, Whale Island. A small mushroom island outpost that can spaciously hold 30 people or more. We're on smp1, and would love for you to join. As a new outpost, we're looking to increase the population and build a community.

    Whale Island is shaped like a whale, as you can see in this map screenshot

    If you would like to join, simply PM me and we will hold a vote. If you are accepted, we will PM you coordinates and directions to Whale Isle.

    There are some rules, which I will cover here:

    Do not destroy the mycelium.
    You may only destroy the mycelium if there is a reason for it
    (flooring of a house, etc.)

    Don't mine mountains or hills out unless there's a reason.
    We don't want people to mine out mountains, so try to stripmine in the depths of
    the world. However, there are exceptions for houses, etc. if you need to build there
    - just don't mine just for materials

    You must place a Mailbox at at least one of your residences.
    If you have a house, you've gotta have a Mailbox. You can look at salesman200's
    Mailbox to see what the design should be - to get the floating lock sign, simply place
    a block, then destroy it. It must be exactly the same design, to make it easy to spot.

    Follow any any all EmpireMinecraft rules.
    Otherwise you'll be banned.

    Do not shear or kill the Mooshrooms. This island is their natural habitat.
    Try to avoid destroying the mushrooms. If you must destroy one, please plant another nearby.
    More rules may be added at any time to keep Whale Island peaceful and fun.

    Traveling to Whale Island is approximately 1200 to 1500 blocks away when traveling through the Nether, or 19000 to 21000 blocks away when traveling through the wilderness.

    If you have any questions, PM me or post on this thread.
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  2. Established
  3. Whale Isle is a go people, Whale Isle is a go!

    Current Residents:
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  4. First Diamonds found in Whale Isle Mine today, June 24, 2015, by Hash98. Using Looting III he collected 9 diamonds in the coal and iron rich caves of Whale Isle!
  5. Bump! Been on vacation for a while, but I'm finally back and ready to rejoin the isle!
  6. I made a ghast proof outpost in the Nether. I also created many mines and explored Snake Isle and claimed Frost Isle which is just north of Whale Isle.

  7. The Whale Isle Lighthouse has been finished.
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  8. Another Snowy Isle has been found South of Whale Isle that I have Dubbed "Beluga Isle" has been found by Deathconn. It also contains a Small Amount of Ice Spikes Biome
  9. Was the whale shape natural?
    Feels like a dumb question...
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  10. Yes, it was
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  11. Head Farm has been made!
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  12. Well I'm gone forever. Bye Whale Isle. I'll miss a few of you.
  13. Note: I am on vacation in NY from the 24th till the 29th.

    If any disagreements arise or anyone needs permission for something, I elect Kytula, AverageWalrus, and deathconn as temporary owners until I come back. You may ask one of them, depending on who is online. I understand that not many have been on Whale Isle recently, so this may not be needed. I will attempt to become more active on EMC, host my majorly delayed 1000th day party, etc. on my return.

    See you then.
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  14. What about Sean as owner?
  15. Sean, please leave this conversation.
  16. Is this sarcasm? Or are you being legit and telling me to leave this thread? Because, last time I checked, you can't just force me off of a thread if I've broken no rules.
  17. Funny YOU would say that when you tell most people not to post on your threads.
  18. It's actually due to the recent events from that thread.
  19. Lets not totally Derail this thread, Please.
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  20. From what I can see:
    • F1: Do not spam - Hijacking another player's thread
    • 5. Listen To and Obey The Staff
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