[Established] The Towers of Lyonesse

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  1. Officially established!

    The Towers of Lyonesse
    Medieval/feudal themed frontier city on smp6 with a subway system and coastal docks/port towns.
    Not accepting any members at this time but I will opening membership at some point in the future.

    To do:
    1. Locate suitable area and place locked chest. 1/17/15 location scrapped. Completed 1/21/15
    2. Officially establish the area as an outpost. 1/26/15
    3. Geographic Survey of the immediate area for planning purposes.
    4. Write up a city plan.
    a. Goals
    b. City development (space management public and private).
    c. How surrounding resources should be developed/preserved.
    d. How labor and communication will be handled. Completed 1/21/15
    e. Rules and regulations. Completed 1/21/15
    f. Establish how government will be handled. completed 1/21/15
    5. Transport basic starter resources to city center. in progress
    6. List projects of immediate importance to city development. in progress
    7. Build initial city structures.
    8. Formulate membership management (requirements, rankings, and how privileges will be managed). Completed 1/21/15
    9. Write up membership application. Completed 1/21/15
    10. Open membership to public.
  2. Congrats. Your outpost is now established. Would you like this thread left open or closed?
  3. WooHoo! and leave it open please.:)