[Established] The Mindcrack

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  1. hey guys i know im probably missing something on esstablishing my base but im wanting to claim and establish my base i have a locked chest there its over 5,000 blocks away and 99% sure its away from any other established outpost thanks :D (sorry if i missed something)
  2. note it is on smp3 and it is called The Empire (changed the name xD
  3. Just to the South of your locked chest claim there's another island containing scattered farms with a stone brick building. I checked and several blocks in different areas on that island weren't placed by you, but another player?
  4. if it happens to be by Slarky he is part of the base and i personally invited him so im am fine with him ^_^
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  5. There's also an outpost to the west within the 3000 blocks
  6. may i know the owner so i can contact him/her?
  7. Pavi259 has been there, I would ask him
  8. is there anyone else near my base that would not let me establish it?
  9. Not that I can see
  10. perfect i messaged PAVI so once that is clear it should be established :D
  11. i have permission to establish it from pavi
  12. I need him to post
  13. Can someone PM the coordinates of the base where I have been to the west because I need to confirm that it is not my personal base.
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  14. I believe it is yours. I just messaged you enough to gather whether or not it belongs to you for sure though
  15. You have my permission to establish you're base. I am not a part of this base. I wish you luck in you're future.
  16. Oh, if it's not your base then your permission isn't necessary :p

    You must seek out the owner of the base to the west and have them give their permission
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  17. then who is the owner of the base?
  18. I'll look again, but no guarantees I'll find them
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  19. How big of a base is it? Is it on the edge of an island or in the middle of solid ground?
  20. Checked again and now your name shows up. Is your base in two different locations? Different islands? If so, you may only claim one of them on this thread