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  1. Looking for a new smp5 outpost establishment. I have a temporary locked chest setup. I will PM the coordance to the mod that will handle this establishment.

    At this time there is no official name and I will be the owner. It will be a private farm for now and will be open once we see how land claiming will work.

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  2. --- Current Projects ---

    Outpost Spawn Area
    Started on: August 22, 2016

  3. Reserved for future use.
  4. Processing.
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  5. I will PM you cords now :)
  6. Heh, forgot the [CLAIM] in the thread title but I didn't notice it until just now, so I'll let it slide. :)

    Outpost approved and temp name given per PM convo on server.

    Do you want the thread open or closed?
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  7. doh! :D Sorry bout that.

    Open please :)

    Thanks again!
  8. Now that we have block protection, I have decided to start work on my outpost. My first project will be the spawn area. This is where people can TP in once we have land claiming. I'm also hoping to double my outpost as my personal farms as well as public farms for others to use. This will all be dependent of course on what other protections will be involved in land claiming.

    It's been 6 months since I found this place and I'm very excited to get started. As I mentioned the first project will be the spawn area. This is a massive build. Below is a preview:

    Within these walls will be the spawn area. Pretty much a small little town. There are approx. 80-100 DCs worth of materials in this build. I will post pictures as I progress. The initial build is not my design. (I will post all that info once done with proper credit given).

    I rebuilt everything in SP because the original intent was to be used by someone as a server spawn. Since I cannot control mob spawns with server commands, I had to make sure that every inch of this place had enough light so that no mobs spawn at all. I'm confident that I got them all lol I wanted a safe place for people to visit without worrying about fighting mobs or dying. There are 4 gates to this thing. All of them will block access to the area's outside the walls. This is for safety and control over mobs wondering in.

    As for the public farms.. I will have rails to everything so that every visitor here will never have to worry about mobs where they shouldn't be. Well that's the idea anyways :p

    I'm also working on a nether rail hub area as well but that will be a future project.
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  9. I like the blue glass, makes it look a bit different, whats it meant to be? :)
  10. :p That's actually a schematic of the build.
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  11. Spawn area in which you spawn in is complete :D

  12. I really like that design. It's almost a modern day greek coliseum.
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  13. Almost done flattening this new area:

    I had to ditch the old area because too much of it was not in desert biome and Skeleton horses were spawning. I can't have those things running around potentially killing people who visit. Trying to make it as safe as possible against mob spawning inside the walls. This new area has a tiny bit of beach biome but the walls should be on top of those areas.

    For size reference: Those 3 Pine trees are the 2x2 kinds and the 3 above it are jungle. So far I have approx. 23 DCs of sand and about 14 of sandsone :D This option of flattening first will be much easier to build on and no water to build over like the last one -_-
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  14. Few update pics: (Area was finally flattened last week :p)

    Spawn Area.

    Some of what the smaller walls and towers look like.
  15. Lookin' awesome kloned :)
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  16. Keep meaning to pop up more pictures and keep forgetting :D

    This is the front gate and one side of the larger walls.
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  17. Been a long (almost) year but this large spawn area is completed now! Well the surface is :p I still have to build out all the spawners locations and connect them all with hallways and then for the most part everything will be operational once land claiming is released! Will post some pictures soon.
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  18. Definitely one of the cooler outposts Ive seen, Ill come and check it out soon :)
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