[Established] State Of Terrione

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  1. Who are you?
    We are a public outpost looking for new members to come out and build with us! We have a nether railway, so travelling out here is quick and easy. We are always looking for new people to hang out with and build with! Here's a list with all of our current players. If I forgot you, let me know and I'll add you to the list!


    bandicam 2014-09-03 19-08-35-234.png
    *Note:This picture is older. We have expanded to the island to the south.*
    Where are you at and how do I get there?
    From North EMC Outpost: Travel north-east to a small stone brick building. Take the nether portal inside and you will arrive at the North Wilderness Rail Hub. Take the railway labeled "Terrione", and you should arrive in our rail station in a few minutes.

    We are located on SMP9 east wilderness. We also have a few neighbors, being Razorwhale's in-progress city of Ryth and GeistKitsune's Cliffside! Our little city fits snugly onto to small islands in a Mega Taiga biome, but we are expanding to the surrounding coastline to organize our properties.

    What do I do when I get there?
    Well, there's plenty to do! You can help the city by fixing holes or lighting up dark areas. You can set up a shop, start a park, build an office building, create cool redstone contraptions(hint hint, wink wink) or just build a small cottage. And these are just a few things that can be done!

    What makes you different?
    I think its the atmosphere. We are small, so you're not standing in someone else's shadow!
    We build anything we like, we have fun and just hang out. :D
  2. Constitution of the State of Terrione
    *Working Copy. May be changed.*
    1. The State:
    • The State is given the right to:
      1. Search and Seizure.
      2. Revoke, include or otherwise change citizenship status.
      3. Terminate alliances, trade deals or otherwise binding contracts given it does not breach EmpireMinecraft rules.
      4. Make war
    • The State is obligated to:
      1. Provide protection and basic services for the citizens of Terrione.
      2. Create public thoroughfares, via rail or road.
      3. Provide protection for future territories of the State.
    2. The People:
    • The Citizens of Terrione are given the rights to:
      1. Intelligent open speech
      2. Congregate or assembly
      3. Vote in national elections
      4. Open contracts
      5. Own Property
      6. Request verification during official law practices
      7. Hold office
      8. Open citizenship
      9. Represent themselves and groups
      10. Propose intelligent resolutions and ordinances
    3. Administration:

    • Terrione(Nation) will hold elections every 3 months. Election Week is designated as the first seven(7) days before the winter/summer solstice and the spring/autumn equinoxes. Elections will be counted at the end of the seventh(7) day and announced promptly the next day on the solstice or equinox.
    • The government of Terrione(Nation) hierarchy is as follows:
      1. The Premier is at the very top of the hierarchy and is the leader of Terrione. Once elected, the Premier elects his Consuls, who serve as his advisors.
      2. The Consuls are the advisors to the Premier and serve as the managers of civil services such as Planning, Foreign Relations, War, etc.
      3. The Mayors are the leaders of cities in Terrione and are elected by the Premier and Consuls. The Premier is the Mayor of Terrione(City).
  3. *Also Reserved*
  4. We have a new citizen! DJBroadside!
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  5. Charter of Mutual Understanding, Co-operation and Peace (COMUCAP)

    Comrades and friends,

    Recent months have been fraught with misunderstandings, arguments, wars, embargoes, travel blocks and petty competitiveness between members of our outposts. In the last week or so relations between the nations of the smp9 east wild frontier have become more relaxed, but in order for us to look towards a more peaceful future I am writing this charter as a statement of our nations' continuing existence and shared ideals to be peaceful, co-operative countries, and as to limit any future destabilizing in-fighting.

    Within our region, I have identified 6 countries that will all, hopefully, sign up to this Charter: chosen because of geographic proximity, shared histories, friendships and interests;
    • The Estonan Federation
    • Volt
    • Wrem
    • Grand Republic
    • Terrione
    • Stoneguard
    Signing this Charter will act as a peace-offering and a sign of friendship between communities. I have come up with 4 main points that this Charter seeks to compel nations to conduct, COMUCAP signatories must;
    • Fundamentally seek a peaceful existence towards other signatories and act toward one another in a state of mutual respect.
    • Be willing to take constructive criticism maturely and seek to deal with disagreements in a civil manner as to continue cross-nation partnerships.
    • Be respectful of national borders and not purposely and knowingly build within other outposts' spheres of influence (whether officially established or not).
    • Be willing for other signatory nations to construct embassies within partnering signatories' territories if asked. This should in fact be encouraged.
    I hope that all 5 national leaders of countries' threads I have posted this declaration to will sign up, and in doing so actively seek a more harmonious future in our part of the frontier, than that we have experienced in recent months. To my knowledge current leaders are devon699 (Estona), rock00888 (Volt), hollyhill105 (Wrem), kitten3101 (Grand Republic), traynfreek (Terrione) and lukafolz (Stoneguard). Leaders who are keen to ratify and sign up to this Charter please message me, and edit the first post of their thread to include a sentence declaring they are a signatory of this Charter as well as including the 4 points mentioned above.

    In peace,

    ps. Any other nations reading this and wanting to sign up to COMUCAP please message me and we'll sort something out :)
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  6. My internet has been fixed so anyone can meet me there if they so please! Come out and visit us some time!
  7. the final draft of government policies are making progress to being written up here!
  8. I really need to find a good place to set up shop in the wild once I'm actually done with my res...
  9. We'd be glad to have you! Just let me know when your coming out, if you haven't made the trip before yourself. Saves everyone's sanity if someone gets lost. ;)
  10. Just letting everyone know were still here!
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  11. Do you have a railroad or trail leading to Terrione?
  12. Sorry for the late reply, but yes we do have a railroad! It runs through Maximus and I can show you if you feel like coming out here!
  13. Never fear! I am here! I am finished taking a break from EMC, and I am working in Terrione over winter break! See anyone out there!
  14. We are also looking for surveyors, road layers and in general workers.
  15. Still looking for miners, builders, etc! PM me in-game or on site.
  16. I'd Love to be a member of this outpost i can see it's geographical perks.
  17. Geographical perks, hmm?
    We have a small ocean to the north, unexplored territory(for 1.8 update) to the east, lots of land to the south and to the west there is partially developed land along with a central path leading all the way to Cliffside.

    To the west and the southwest are some very awesome looking cliffs too, which I have been meaning to set up a national park there. :D
  18. Update: The town hall remodel has been completed.

    I would also like to announce that we have a new citizen, Onetoad!
  19. There 2 lines to terrione. depends how much you like to walk.
    At least thats the feelings. a bit walking and the choice other routes that need less walking, but maby travel time is longer. :eek::confused: