[Established] Rosmaria

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  1. Welcome Traveler, to Rosmaria

    From the Tall Peaks of the Snowcap Hills, to underneath the Canopy of Amanita Forest, to the Expansive Bluepeak Grasslands, there are many Places in this Vast Land in the Wilderness of smp2

    Interested in Joining this Outpost? If so, Please fill out this Form http://goo.gl/forms/8up5OKZu0g
    If you are Accepted into the Outpost, you will be Contacted on the Forums, and I will send you the Coordinates to the Portal to the Outpost (NOTE: If you arent Contacted withing 3 Days, you are most likely not Accpeted, So Please, Stop Bugging me about it in Game or on The Thread, I will request for any Comments asking If you are Accepted to be deleted, If I will not be Availiable for x amount of time, I will state so on Thread)

    Now, lets go Over some Rules

    1. Please Follow all Empire Minecraft Rules, Griefing and Stealing will not be Tolerated, and staff will get Involved

    2. Keep the Environment Beautiful. Please Replant all Trees you Cut down and Fill in all Creeper Craters

    3. Replant and Breed Animals after Harvesting or Killing

    4. Keep Rosmaria Safe and Lit up.

    5. Have Fun
  2. Members:
    AverageWalrus (Owner)
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  3. I may join, depends how long the nether rail is though :D
  4. Right now There is No Rail, just a rather Short Journey on foot, but I'd say the Rail would be around a Few Minutes
  5. 10> is fine ^.^ Count me in ;)
  6. Woot!
  7. I applied and am very anxious to see the result.
  8. Since I am a trustworthy friend of yours', I will join.
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  9. Only a few Hours old and already 6 members strong!
  10. Ahem, you forgot to list the marlix that joined us yesterday :p
  11. Hope to see him sometime :p
  12. Internet Explorer xD
  13. I wonder if I can join...
  14. Sent one even though I know there's like no chance of getting in!
  15. Can I join :p
  16. Making my lake side mansion on the east coast of the isle's lake! Made a boat dock and I will make a boat maneuvering course for the dock to seem relevant! :D
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  17. How long do responses usually take? Just curious :)