[Established] Redstone Outpost

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  1. Redstone outpost is located on SMP4 and when it is finished it will be the most high tech outpost on EMC. To join please PM MustangLover25, SkeleTin007, and TromboneSteve.
  2. Opon joining Redstone Outpost you will choose a team to be a part of, these are the teams that help build our great outpost. Each team works on a certain development of the outpost. Redstone Outpost has it's citizens focus on their professions in Minecraft in order to ensure the best development possible. There are 5 teams to join.

    Engineering: MustangLover25

    Architecture: XxPorkusxX

    Agriculture: TromboneSteve, SkeleTin007



    Note: When joining please choose a team at which you will be really great at and not just one that sounds cool to be a part of. We want the best out of you, and you can only achieve this by choosing something you are excellent at.
  3. Redstone Outpost has a council of members for the outpost. These players are leaders of the outpost and are selected to lead a certain development of the outpost. The members are hand selected by our outpost owners ( MustangLover25, SkeleTin007, and TromboneSteve. ) and they are chosen based on their specific professions in Minecraft, there are 5 council positions.

    Head Of Engineering: Open

    Head Of Architecture: XxPorkusxX

    Head Of Agriculture: Open

    Head Of Mining: Open

    Head Of Landscaping: Open

    Note: If you see a position open and would like to fill in that position, please start a conversion on the forums with MustangLover25, SkeleTin007, and TromboneSteve. Please be patient if you do so, it takes time to select players for things like this.
  4. Hi there if you can send me the cords to your locked chest I can take a look at getting your outpost established :)
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  5. I'll get the coordinates later when I get home from work.
  6. Established
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